Souvenirs from Oahu

Entrance to the factory @ 707A Waiakamilo Road Honolulu.

No one goes to Hawaii without bringing some souvenirs back unless you’re scrooge or you were hiding from the authorities at home. But if you are looking for gift items, surely there are stuff from the ABC Store (there are no ABC Store sat the airport, so get what you need there before heading to the airport) and the International Market.  That is, if you like cultured pearls, knick knacks made in China and all sorts of other crap!

A few of our favourite places to get gifts for home is the Dole Plantation gift shop, Honolulu Cookie Company, Don Quixote for Moana Loa nuts and Costco.  One of the lesser known places to get nut souvenirs is Menehune Mac Factory.

The Menehune Mac Factory is located in the Kalihi neighbourhood which is not far of a drive from Waikiki, but neighbourhood-wise far from being touristy.  It’s a shady neighbourhood with a prison nearby.  A local told me it’s not a place where I would wander around alone at night.

Why do I enjoy going back to the Menehune Mac factory every time I go visit?  Five words – ALL YOU CAN EAT SAMPLES! Yes, it’s self serve, you can sample all the products and the staff leaves you alone.  It’s right next to the actual factory where you can watch the workers work and pose for your camera.

Please be considerate and don't act like you haven't eaten for weeks.

Their shortbread cookies selection.

Do not feed the workers or tap on the glass.

Salty rice crackers covered in dark chocolate.

I didn't buy chocolates this time, but I bought flavoured Natural Cane Sugar (lychee, mango or pineapple) as gifts for tea and coffee drinkers. On the lower rack are Hawaiian flavoured sea salts.

I recommend the PINEAPPLE SNOW.  It is pineapple and vanilla flavoured chocolate (not really chocolate-chocolate… as there’s no cocoa) covered mac nut.  It’s really good for pineapple lovers and it tastes very white chocolate-ty.

Tip for buying souvenirs if you’re short on luggage space

So it’s probably not easy to pack neverending cans of nuts and the weight can add up.  When you pack for a baby as well, you realize that you don’t have the luxury to ‘pack light’.    What I did was buy one big bag of nuts, a large box of specialty shortbread cookies and then sort them into zip loc bags to distribute to our friends.  No one really cares about the packaging anyway.


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