Oahu’s Triple D – Pukadog (Waikiki Town Centre)

While strolling on Kuhio to look for my favourite yakisoba restaurant which unfortunately closed down, I encountered a couple of restaurants on the way for some lunch and saw the sign.

How appetizing... how I call it... Puke-A-Dog... hmmm yums, MUST TRY!

The line-up didn’t seem long so I started to line up with my friend.  It was a really really slow moving line. 

This line is about 20 minutes long to get to the cashier (with 2 staff working that day).

We didn’t get to see the menu since we figured how extensive can a hot dog menu be?  This isn’t Japadog (which isn’t all that according to me).   The menus are located above the cashier and on a surfboard held by a sexy lady by the door.

The menu - choose your dog (veggie or polish dogs), hotness of the secret sauce, relish (the cashier let us pick two relishes).

We ordered 2 Polish dogs, one Mild, Starfruit Relish and Lilikoi (passionfruit) relish. And one Hot-Hot with Habanero, Coconut relish, with Lilikoi as well since the cashier was telling everyone Lilikoi goes with everything and she was right.

There wasn’t much difference between the mild and the hot-hot sauce.  My friend who cannot eat spicy was able to take a bite out of my hot one and thought it was just ‘mildly’ hot.  It was tasty but didn’t have the kick to it.

The relishes were fantastic.  My coconut relish was heavy with coconut pulp (it’s not flakes or chunks but there’s some texture to it).  The starfruit was bland.  It just tastes sweet with unrecognizable flavour.  Still good but not good enough if you had some of mine first!

On the outside, it's not much difference, but mine (coconut relish) was a lot more tastier than my friend's starfruit relish was pretty bland. She agrees.

The buns are not sliced sideways, they poke a hole in the middle, and puts it in something that looks like a curling iron to toast the inside (brilliant!) and then squeeze the secret sauce and relist inside, stick the dog in and top it with more relish and secret sauce.  Every bite had sauce and I didn’t have to worry about the sauce shooting out of the side of the bun onto my hands.

On a busy day, they could use one more staff.

I forgot how much the dogs are but with 2 dogs, two lemonades (they  squeeze one whole lemon in your drink mixed with some sugary powder), it came to $20 with some loose change back.

When it’s not lunch time, the line is shorter, we ended up going during prime time.  The dogs are good but I wouldn’t line up for over half an hour again.

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  1. Interesting buns……:-)
    My first job was at Orange Julius. I’ve been off hot dogs ever since….
    I might be convinced to give one of these a try.

  2. Those hot dogs sound really expensive. You said it was close to $20 for two with drinks right? Sounds like more expensive than Japadog.

    • I think it’s around $6-7 for a dog and drinks $3+. Come to think of it, you’re right, it is expensive… damn. By the time i tried it, i was already in vacation mode 🙂

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