Oahu’s Triple D – Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

The sign is on the same truck as we saw 2 years ago.

There’s always a debate on which is the best shrimp truck on the island.  My favourite one is Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck.  Sure, I’ve had other ones in the city (which none was worth remembering the name) and other top contenders like Fumi’s Kahuku Shrimp and Macky’s.  Maybe I went on an off day, but Macky’s was not good at all, or maybe it has something to do with the fact that it was included with the ‘Lost’ tour.

You’ll be seeing a lot of shrimp trucks along North Shore (abour 75-90 min drive from Honolulu) near Kahuku (a shrimp aquaculture area), and I have to say that Fumi’s and Giovanni’s are relatively good.  But if you try other places first, you may not be disappointed when you try Giovanni’s after.  As some people can get pretty heated in who-has-the-best-shrimps debates, so I’ll stop comparing it to other shrimp trucks. 

Hawaiians love using surfboards as part of the menu as much as they love their macaroni salad and scoops of rice.

Back of the truck (not shown) has one propane tank attached. The same size you would use for a regular sized BBQ.

Menu - simple, they only have 4 items. 3 shrimp plates and one garlic dog.

Menu with photos. What you see IS what you get. No McDonald's Big Mac-style photoshopping here.

My favourite plate - the shrimp scampi loaded with garlic in olive oil.

The garlic makes a rice disliker like me like rice!

Hot and Spicy shrimp - wow, these ones have kick. At first, it tastes like it's drenched in a garlic chili paste like Sambal Oelek. I thought it was too saucy but as I was eating the 2nd one, the heat started to kick in. Yowza! Hurts so good, I want more!

Uhm, my '3rd' favourite plate... it's supposed to be steamed in lemon and butter, but it's so light, it didn't do much for me. Perhaps this would be a better plate if this is the only flavour you're trying.

The melted butter adds an extra nice touch.  I dipped my hot shrimp into the melted butter for cooling effect.  I don’t know if it worked because by the time I was done with the hot shrimp, my taste buds have gone haywired for a while.   But dipping anything in melted butter = awesometown.

It's not all sauce and no substance. Look at the firm, meaty shrimp. It's not 100% gutted, but I kinda like shrimp brains and crap anyway.

Succulent succulent shrimp...

Patch wanted a garlic dog so he got a garlic dog. It looked simple and thin but it was surprisingly good and the garlic flavour came from within the dog.

$60 worth of damages. Yes, we spent about $60 on shrimps and one drink.

Kid friendly?  Yes, but not baby friendly unless your baby stays in the stroller or car.  Parking space is plenty but it’s just a lot and you can park however you wish.  The tables are plastic long tables and if it’s full, you can eat in the car (while it’s parked!).

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  1. Wow, Sixty bucks. I had never been to Hawaii before. Are food expensive generally in Hawaii?

    • Ben, you will have a grand old time in Hawaii especially Oahu and maui…

      The food is about the same as here, but other than Hawaiian, Japanese, seafood and Vietnamese food (surprisingly, there are a lot of good pho places in oahu), there’s not much diversity in other ethnic cuisines and even if they have it, Vancouver is better (ie. chinese food). Food outside the Waikiki (touristy) area is noticeably cheaper.

      The first round we ordered 3 full plates so that came to $39. And then for round 2, we ordered 2 half orders and a full order of the shrimp scampi, bringing it to $65, plus the dog and a drink, rounding it to $70. Oops, guess it’s $70! We don’t normally spend that much on an afternoon snack… lol

      I think I would rather pay $70 for shrimps than tea and pastries at a fancy hotel… 😛

  2. Oh god, those pics are killing me Mo. The shrimp scampi looks like the real winner. Best post so far. I love how in one of the pics, the surf board indicated “no refunds”. I can’t imagine a situation where someones eats the shrimp and asks for money back 😉

    I think I will give Oahu a try next go around. Maui has great food, but I find it’s not the great simple eats like what you had on your trip. This was worth your 70 bucks of food 🙂

  3. I booked my vacation to Hawaii because of you. I can’t wait to eat this shrimp and eat fresh squirmy abalone at KCC farmers market!

  4. My name is Jorge Amorim and I’m the Marketing manager of Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck. I would like to thank you for the kind words and to ask you to help spread the word around your parts. Keep a look out for our website in the near future.
    Thank You,
    Jorge Amorim
    Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

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