Oahu Triple D – Goma Ichi Ramen with a side of Chin Ho (Ala Moana)

A couple of glowing reviews have pointed us to Goma Ichi Ramen by Ala Moana for a late lunch.  I wanted to visit The Counter (which I was glad I didn’t as I’ve heard not-so-stellar reviews about the burger joint) mainly because I heard that you could bump into Daniel Dae Kim there!  But I am more of a ramen lover than a patty person so off to Goma we went.

When we arrived, there was a 20 minutes wait at the door.  No wait area or extra seating.  You can wait inside right next to the patrons or outside where you have to come back in often to see where you’re at on the waitlist.  I did not see the staff go out to call anyone.  Patch and I chose the path to annoy the customers that are already seated.

Our view while we were waiting.

There are only a few tables and 2 counters worth of seating area.  The feeling I got was that this is a quick-bite-and-go type of place. 

Char siu tan tan men ($9) - the sauce was spicy with hints of peanuts but the char siu was nothing like the char siu canto style. It was pork belly slices which tastes pretty good. There wasn't much options as add-ons and the base price of $9 is pretty steep for a bowl of noodles.

Vegetable Shoyu Ramen ($8) - despite its flavourful appearance, the base is quite bland. I was quite disappointed with the lack of flavours (the saltyness is there) found in the base soup.

The noodles for both bowls were okay.  It wasn’t chewy and the noodles didn’t have flavour (normally they don’t, but I was hoping the noodles would have some punch to it since the soup base was blah).  Overall, I find that most of the ramen places in downtown Vancouver (particularly near the Denman area) beats Goma in taste and in value.

Kid friendly? Even if you bring your booster seat, you would have to wait for the side tables to free up.

But wait… there’s more!

Remember when I said I wanted to go to The Counter hoping to bump into Daniel? Well, guess what!

Yes, that's him! We had lunch TOGETHER! Him being 10 metres away... Those are my sunglasses on the bottom right of the photo. This is Patch's attempt at stalking by pretending to take a photo of me reading the menu. Papparazzis, we are not.

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  1. LOL! Stalker!

    If I was there, I would have sent YOU to go say hi to him. Getting a picture with him would have been the high point of this vacation!

    Gosh, I can’t get the Hawaii Five-O music out of my head now. 🙂


    • If it was just him, I would not have a problem saying hi, but he was with 2 females who kinda gave everyone who walked by (including me, since passing their table was on the way to the bathroom and cashier!) the ‘buzz off’ look!

      When I was paying, he was behind me and the cashier ended up serving him first. LOL! But it’s okay, I got to stand there and watch him chat with the cashier. Then we left together and parked near each other!!! haha… he drives a benz SUV.

      BTW, not sure if you can read all the posts if you’re reading through the blogroll or to my page directly. Cuz some entries that I think may not interest Vancouver readers, I didn’t tag it Vancouver so that it doesn’t show up on your blogroll, but there are definitely more posts on Hawaii food. 🙂

  2. Oh man. If I were you I’ll pretend to brush his shoulders or something at the cashier. Suanne says that luckily I am not a girl. LOL!

    Oh I read ALL your blog posts. Actually I hate using the blogroll but rather I use Google Reader. Yeah, your vacation posts are interesting. Don’t you guys do anything else other than eat?

    • we’ve been to hawaii so often that we’ve done all the tourist-y stuff which most of the places, visiting once is enough. There are also other things like water sports but when you have 2 babies under the age of 1, it’s a lot harder… so just lots of chilling at the beach, eating, strolling, and more eating. What we ate the most was shaved ice (which was the main reason why we keep coming back to the island).

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