Oahu’s Triple D – Alan Wong’s (Honolulu)

This is one restaurant that I feel strongly recommending friends to go yet I don’t have many photos to share from my past experiences.  It doesn’t matter if you end up loving it or hating it, if you’re looking for a night of fine dining, Alan Wong is a must try.

Maybe I am biased because one of the best dish I have ever tasted is from Alan Wong’s.  It is the fois gras congee with quail egg.  It is not because it’s fois gras, but the texture of the congee is ‘watery thick’ like a rice puree that brought out all the flavours and intensified it.  Does that make sense?

I wish I took a better photo. It seems as though this bowl was made for the congee.

The first time I came was during my honeymoon couple of years ago.  Patch must’ve told them that it was our honeymoon because when we arrived, we had a customized menu with our names printed and the staff’s signatures around it.  It was simple but very touching. We even got a free dessert sampler.

Patch and I each got a free dessert on our honeymoon visit.

There’s also the never ending debate of AW vs. Roys but menus always change and everyone’s perspective on food is different.  Whichever restaurant we all prefer, there’s one thing that we can agree on.  Service is important and AW delivers.

Perhaps this isn’t a post on the food but rather on the experience at Alan Wongs.  It’s fine dining but it wasn’t pretentious like most restaurants in Yaletown try so hard to be (and close within a few years).  The staff was knowledgeable and in fact, I felt like I was treated as family.  The service was the same for us, for the families around us (the restaurant is kid friendly, but consideration is much appreciate to not have your child go full-on brat-mode in the restaurant).

It was a restaurant in an office building with no view (but you can see Gyotaku  Japanese Restaurant that’s across the street!) but each time I went, I left with a good memorable feeling.

Presentation similar to most fine dining restaurants. The portions are a bit small for the tasting menu but the regular menu (entrees are about $30-$40) entrees are slight larger but the flavour makes up for it. Better than vice versa.

You may like it, you may not but this is definitely worth it for you to try at least once during your visit.

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