Oahu’s Triple D – Dole Plantation

Welcome to the Dole Plantation! Plenty of free parking. Sometimes there's a really ghetto farmer's market outside.

Like the Polynesian Cultural Centre, Pearl Harbor and other touristy places, the Dole Plantation is a must go-to (or return) places.  It’s main (paying) attractions are the world’s largest maze, garden tour, and and the pineapple express (train).  I did the maze years ago for free but that’s because I accidentally went in through the exit.  Not that I would suggest anyone to try that.  😉

I return to the plantation for an entirely different reason.  Souvenirs.  Maybe it’s branding, but I associate dole with quality canned fruits.  Haha… it’s an oxymoron, isn’t it…?   And didn’t they invented the pineapple?  Hah!

Anyway, here’s a quickie tour of the gift shop.  It’s huge and you can easily spend an hour in here looking at stuff.  But don’t leave the shop until you’ve tried their pineapple soft serve.  It’s so good I could live under their soft serve manchine with my mouth open.

Pineapple soft serve menu... #4 is the best deal IMO.

... or you can do All Pineapple.

We do it for the stick of pineapple...

Iced teas... they have pineapple tea bags (black tea) as well.

Dressing - the Maui Ponzo Dressing is aMAzing... great for gyozas, salads, marinading and as I discovered recently... shrimp salad rolls (will post recipe soon).

Hot sauces... there are also salt rubs which we got for our meal that night.

What's a gift shop without knick knacks and stuff... magnets, plastic jewelry, hair accessories, plushies, postcards, towels, T-shirts, etc.

HARRO KITTY! They also have a nice kids' clothing section, but a bit pricey. The sale items are not bad though but you have to look for it.

Dole Distribution Center on Urbanspoon Dole Plantation Grille on Urbanspoon


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