Oahu’s Triple D – Rainbow Drive-In

The Original Rainbow Drive-In

As seen on Guy Fieri’s Triple D!!! Also, I think this is where the whole scoops of rice and macaroni salad with everything concept originated… 😉

To be honest, I’m not a fan of diner food.  Especially where there are no indoor seating… but then again, it’s Hawaii, it’s not like I’d feel cold or something.   I guess it reminds me of those teenage summer nights at the PNE eating diner-like food prepared by a greasy face teen who could care less about proper handling of your food.

When Patch told me he wanted to come to Rainbow on our last visit, the food snob side of me shook my head and poor hubby waited for this trip to get our friends to back him up to come… 

Uhm... where are the booths or pull out chairs...? Guess that's what a drive-in is... 😛

The seating area are tables with attached chairs.  You can’t move the table or the chairs. The shape of the chairs makes it impossible to secure a standard booster seat so we left the babies in the car by themselves… just kidding, we left them in the strollers next to our table.  There are picnic tables at the back of the parking lot but you can’t really see it (or want to sit there) at night.

There are families, biker groups and school kids that come here… like Patch said ‘Who doesn’t like diner food?’… O_o  I know food blogging is not big in Honolulu, or anywhere else that’s not Vancouver for that matter, but I was actually stared at weirdly by one of the groups that was mentioned above (not hard to guess, there’s only one that I would be afraid of… haha) when they realized that I was not taking photos of my kid but up close of my food.  So you won’t be seeing much close up of the food or action shots.

There's the menu, and there's the description of the items on the menu.

The plates take up 3 panels. This is the one where Patch and I ordered from.

Today's specials.

The infamous loco moco plate/bowl. Scoops of rice, gravy, beef patties, and fried eggs on top. It looks pretty gross when you mix it together but it tastes pretty damn good. For me, it was the gravy and fried egg.

Corn beef hash plate with sunny side egg on top... a must try.

Mix Plate - BBQ meat, mahi mahi and boneless chicken. I admit that I couldn't tell what I was eating as it tasted like random meat and battered 'stuff'. But it was good haha.

Moist with juice and faaaaaat...!

Their chili is really good, I like that it’s not too thick and not too ‘bean’y’.  I know beans belong in chili but I just like meaty chili.  It’s got some kick to taste and does not have a lingering burn.  This bowl of chili only cost $1.75.  We came back for the chili again on our last day.

Can I say this chili goes down easy?

Boneless chicken with brown gravy, fries and macaroni salad.

Fried pork cutlet and what else...? Doesn't everything look the same with rice?

Meat is not dry but the batter is not crunchy, more flakey.

Half a fried chicken with the usual... The chicken was quite dry but the skin was crispy and well seasoned. Goes well with the scoops of rice and macaroni... hah!

So on our second trip back to Rainbow, my friend and I wanted a side order of chili and side fries. Apparantly they don't have that on fries. Only a plate... on rice and macaroni salad. Well, beggers can't be choosers.

Lunch special on the second day.

This is another local gem that pleasantly surprised me, the meals are simple, hearty and are favourites with the locals.  Be sure to stop by here if you’re looking for some comfort food.

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  1. You know, I really should stop staring at your blog in the damn morning. I am totally starving right now, and I could use some comfort food just right about now. Damn, those pics look so mouth watering…

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