Oahu’s Triple D – Bubbies – Would you like an Aural Massage with your Mochi?

Bubbies from the University district.

This is purely review on Bubbies’ ice cream mochis.  But if the rest of the menu is as delicious as their mochis, then go for the whole menu!

A mochi is a type of japanese pastry that has a light thin skin that is made from glutinous rice, or flour of sweet rice wrapped around a filling or moulded into a shape.  In this case, mochis are a common dessert where the skin is wrapped around ice cream.  It is quite common in Asia and there are many different variations and types of mochis. 

On a busy night, lines form out the door and across the parking lot. It is not a fast moving line either. Better to come back another day.

Bubbies is very much like Death by Chocolate, but busier and less of a sit-down joint.  There are a few tables for patrons but a majority of orders are take-out.

Bubbies in the University district is a college student hang-out.  It’s walking distance from a pub and food joints just steps away.  When it’s really busy, it’s better to come back on another day than wait in line as it is very slow moving (why can’t students make up their mind on what they want rather than deciding when it’s their turn???)

My view while waiting anxiously for my turn!

The first (and the only important) menu you see when you enter Bubbies.

The regular mochi flavours are on the left and the specials and chocolate dipped ones are on the right.  My favourites are green tea, lychee, chocolate espresso, and azuki bean.  When you see two flavours combined like chocolate espresso, that means the skin is chocolate and the ice cream is espresso.  The best flavour they offered which was not on the menu was the pineapple coconut.  MMM MMM MMM MMM! I ordered the chocolate eggnog as well and it was too eggnoggy in a weird way.  Took one bite and gave the rest to Patch.  Isn’t that what husbands are for?  😉

Their extensive menu of desserts. Funny names but unfortunately, it does not reveal what the dessert is. That is probably why the line up takes forever because customers are asking "What's this?" on every item.

Who wants an Aural Massage or Eat My Balls? Hahaha... my friends and I dared each other to order the desserts. I didn't do it, it's just too expensive to eat my balls. Can't help it when we're in a college hang-out, we tend to act like we would 10 years ago.

My friend asked me if ordering 6 is enough. My response was 'You're ON VACATION, no less than a DOZEN!' He did not regret taking my advice. 🙂

The teeth marks is not indication how big of a biteful this can be. I like my mochis frozen hard when I bite into it. Green tea ice cream with green tea flavoured skin FTW!

Kid friendly? This restaurant is not kid-friendly.  The chairs are compatible with booster seats but the restaurant can be loud (it’s echo-ey inside) when it’s busy.   You may not know if you can get one of the few tables in the restaurant.  Also, with a bunch of students… your child might pick up a couple of colourful words from their conversations. 😉

Best to pick up a dozen or two that will last for the rest of your trip so you can enjoy it in the comfort of your hotel.  Just make sure you have a freezer in your room!

Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream (University Avenue) on Urbanspoon Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream (Hawaii Kai) on Urbanspoon

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