Oahu’s Triple D – Valerio’s Tropical Bake Shop

Valerio's Tropical Bake Shop in Honolulu. Parking in front and at the back.

I have returned to Valerio’s Tropical Bakery for one thing, its Pineapple Cream Cheese Bun.  The pineapple cream cheese bun is a very simple bun with flavoured filling. The bun itself is very soft and slightly sweet.  

You can store the bread in the fridge and eat it up in the microwave to soften the cream cheese.  There are bits of pineapples in the cream cheese but the spread itself has more pineapple flavour than the chunks of pineapple bits.  Perhaps  the process of flavouring the cream cheese has absorbed all the juice and flavour from the pineapples…?  Anyway, the bread itself it’s really good including the bread part.


It's not hard to eat the whole thing (about a foot long) in one sitting!

I managed to bring back 3 loaves of bread to Vancouver but by the time I reminded myself to take a photo of it, Patch already devoured it.

Yessss.... lots left!

We also bought the Bulilit Spanish Bread which was sweetened with honey. It made a good snack for the road although a bit oily on the fingers.

The bakery could use a makeover... 🙂

Valerio's Tropical Bake Shop on Urbanspoon Valerio's Tropical Bakeshop on Urbanspoon

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