Oahu’s Triple D – Mac 24/7 (Waikiki)

Located inside the Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel - 2500 Kuhio Avenue. Not quite by the beach but 2 blocks from it.

The restaurant name Mac 24/7 suggests its closing hours which are none unless it snows.  This restaurant is a block from the Aston Banyan located in the Hiltion Waikiki Beach Hotel.  Our friend mentioned that he saw an episode of Man vs. Food where the host did the Pancake challenge at the same restaurant so we decided to give it a try for dinner.  Not the challenge though!

When you enter the restaurant, it's like a diner with booths and countertops along the side. The waiter took us all the way down and around the corner was a dining area.

Some of the entrees Mac offers.

The Pancake Challenge - finish 3 14" pancakes within 90 mins and you will be in their Hall of Fame, get a tshirt and free pancake!

We didn't order this but another table of 2 small ladies did. We didn't stick around to see if they finished it (they weren't doing the challenge since both of them were sharing).

Their Five Dollar Shake (for you guessed it, $5) - Pineapple Dreamsicle. It's definitely worth the try if you don't normally have fresh pineapple shakes. This shake is particularly foamy and creamy (the dreamsicle part?) but sweet to taste.

Fresh Island Mahi Mahi over bay scallops and crab.

Lumps of real crab.

The mahi mahi was well seasoned and cooked to perfection. The meat just flakes off at the slight touch of the fork.

Chicken Fried Steak with Mac and Cheese side. The chicken was a bit dried but the mac and cheese was well seasoned. It was good enough that I think it would do okay as an entree (which at the time of ordering was not).

Fried Chicken and Waffles with country gravy. It is what it is.

My husband ordered this.  He was so excited when he saw this on the menu that I thought he was just being sarcastic.  But he wasn’t joking.  He really loves his fried chicken and his grape sodas that I wonder if he’s all Chinese.  😛

Spicy Tuna poke in pita pocket with lemon aioli and dilled cucumber. Not a fan of dilled anything but the cucumber worked well with the tuna. Came with Maui onions.

The tuna was lightly sears all around but when you bite into it, it's soft and rare in the centre. If you like medium rare fish and want something light, this would be an ideal choice.

The waiter gave us some more of its 'famous' Maui onion rings.

The onions here usually are usually call Maui onion.  Like Maui onion ponzu sauce that I wrote about from the Dole Plantation, or Maui onion flavoured chips.  I supposed that their onions are from… Maui?  To be honest, I couldn’t taste a difference in the onion rings from the onion rings here.  Is it the size or shape?  And why can’t they grow it in Oahu?  Or Kona onions? Maybe it’s cheaper to grow onions in Maui than to ship them from North America.

The food here is a knotch better than what you would expect from a hotel restaurant especially one that brags its business hours.

Kid friendly? Somewhat.  The service was very accommodating but you will need to request tables with chairs.  Even in the dining area, half the seating are booths or high countertop tables not suitable for boosters.  There are high chairs available.

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  1. haha….we love fried chicken too…..maybe some mixed blood in us too 🙂
    how long were you in Hawaii?
    you guys sure managed top eat your way around….impressive!

    enjoying your posts!

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