Oahu’s Triple D – Uncle’s Fish Market and Grill

I’ve been slacking on the posts recently so I’m hoping to finish up the Triple D segment before the start of the weekend.  We visited the Pier on Sunday and was hoping to have a late lunch at Nico’s.  However, Nico’s was closed and Uncle’s was open.  A local that came to eat with us told us that Uncle’s is where most of the fishermen go eat.

Colourful menu boards with lots of specials to choose from.

That day it wasn’t busy but there were still about 5 tables being served.  Mostly just one or two ppl per table, no other families.  Probably customers that had to work on a Sunday at the docks.

The right page of the menu where it explains the fish and texture was really helpful.

The menu had a good selection of entrees. Many of the items are kid friendly. Big portions as well.

There is also live entertainment on weekends and certain nights.  Their website has a calendar of events.  The only entertainment we had that day was sports on their TVs. 

Something for the kids to drink. 😉

Uncle's Signature Ahi Poke Tower $15.95 - if you like nachos or ahi, this is a must order. You can share or eat it as an entree. 🙂

Layers of poke, tobiko (the orange fish eggs), guacamole, ahi tartar, on a bed of rice (who wants to eat that with all the awesomeness in the tower) and topped with nori (seaweed).

It takes skillz to scoop all the awesomeness (minus the rice) with a nacho.

Mahimahi and Chips... I suggest if you want to taste the fish is to not order the fried version.

Char-Broiled Fresh MahiMahi Soft Tacos $16.95 - the mahimahi was very tender and well seasoned.

Marinaded strips of fish in Baja stle green salsa.

Fresh Ahi Belly $14.95 - wow, you get 3 large belly pieces with this dish. This was what I ordered and I managed to share with some friends (need to stuff them so they eat less of the ahi tower!) and enough for myself. For those that loves tuna belly sashimi, you have to try this dish.

The citrus soy sauce is probably a fancy description for miso 😉 but look at the meat of the fish... I love how easily it cuts through and pieces just slides off.

Kid friendly? It certainly is, food-wise and ambiance.  However, there’s no public washrooms in the restaurant, the bathrooms are located outside the restaurant.  No, it’s not by the bush.

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