Oahu’s Triple D – Waiola Shaved Ice – Worth a Trip to Hawaii

This is partially why I keep returning to Honolulu... seriously.

To end my Oahu’s Triple D segment is a trip to Waiola’s Shave Ice.  No, this is not the Waiola Shave Ice that’s constantly advertised on Hawaii Five-0 and not the one with the bakery.

On my previous trip to Honolulu, a local friend introduced me and my hubby to shaved ice.  At first I wasn’t too interested because I imagined it to be like PNE’s snow cone.  Coarse, grainy, rough ice doused in food colouring.

When I arrived, it was part of a corner store.  But there was a line for the shaved ice which is the first good sign.

Even if the line up is long and around the store, it moves quickly.

Spam musubis available but havent tried it.

Like a Starbucks coffee, pros know how to order it exactly the way they want it.  You tell them the size, the flavours and the add-ons (beans, ice cream, etc).  The menu can look overwhelming at first glance, but once you know what you want, you can just forget the rest.  That’s because you will come back to try the other flavours.  And if you are not ordering by their order, the server will point at the sign and ask you again.  😉

They are serious about the order procedure!

The best ones I think are the azuki bowl and the green tea with condensed milk.  The green tea doesn’t taste like just matcha powder, it tastes like green tea leaves.  I’ve also tried other fruit flavours like POG (pomagranate, orange and guava – very tangy), mango and lychee (my second favourite).  I’ve been told that the owners make their own syrup.

I overheard the owners speak to each other in mandarin and asked them where they are from.  They came from Taiwan.  That makes sense as Taiwanese joints always have shaved ice back at home.  I guess it’s their thing.

Green tea and condensed milk & Red Bean and Azuki Beans shaved ice

Closer look of the red bean and azuki beans drenched in condensed milk.

Green tea, red bean and condensed milk. YUMMMMMS

We tried to come every day or even twice a day for it…   It’s definitely worth a trip over the Pacific Ocean.

And that concludes the Oahu Triple D… Happy eating!

Waiola Shave Ice on Urbanspoon

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  1. Thanks Mo for taking us on a foodie adventure in Hawaii. Really enjoyed the posts and felt a bit sad that its ending. Anyway, its a good way to end it with dessert. Yum!

  2. I was there in early April! I went to Waiola’s probably 3 times in the week I was there. But Waiola’s didn’t even surpass my Bubbies visits for ice cream mochi! I had to go there everyday! Don’t forget about Leonards.

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