The Groundhog is My Neighbour

I have a neighbour.  He’s retired so he has a lot of time.  He doesn’t have hobbies like gardening or enjoy talking to my parents.  He’s East Indian and my parents are old fashion Chinese.  Both my parents and my neighbour are not racist but I guess the older generations don’t really hang out with other races for reasons like language barrier or cultural differences.  But they’re on polite terms.  The reason why I brought up our races is because we asked him once to not use his leaf blowers to blow his leaves over (especially after my dad spent hours raking our yard and keeping the grass area by the sidewalk leaf-free) and he called us racist.  Ok, whatever.

Year after year, when Spring comes, he would bust out his power washer.  To wash his driveway which is already clean because he parks his car in the garage.  He doesn’t just blast clean it for a few minutes, he spends hours cleaning cement.  He starts his washing around 9am until noon, takes a lunch break and continues until 2ish in the afternoon before he calls it a day.  I’m familiar with his schedule because Little Patch’s room is right next to his garage so I have to time his nap schedule according to the power washer’s work shift.  His driveway is just big enough for 2 cars so the time and water he uses to clean it is just overkill.

It makes me upset because I’m trying to save water when I wash my cloth diapers by setting the washing machine’s water level to the lowest while my neighbour is blasting our precious water away on his empty driveway.  I even feel guilty when Patch washes his car (even if he uses a bucket of water).

So I heard that the groundhog was wrong this year.  And when I heard his power washer turn on for the first time this year, my natural reaction was ‘Oh, it must be getting warm out.’  I think the groundhog might have a replacement if it ever gets laid off.


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