Love Does Not Equal to Trust

Little Patch is very fortunate to have so many friends and family that loves him so much.  Many would offer to babysit him or want to spend time with him.  However, there’s a set of relatives that have offered to babysit him which I haven’t really given them a (second) chance to.  There’s a lack of trust and I’m not sure if I should  be honest and tell them why and that I would rather have the neighbourhood stray cat watch our baby instead.

I know that these relatives loves LP a lot and spoils him in so many loving ways.  But it seems to them that showing their love also translates to letting LP do whatever he wants.  And that’s where my concern is. If LP wants to play with plugs, even if he’s in their arms, they will let him.  If he wants to push buttons on a DVD player or bash a remote control, they don’t take it away from him or pull him away.  So it’s not just the concern of the chance of LP hurting himself, it’s also having him break stuff around the house and thinks it’s okay.

One loving a child may not necessarily mean that one is also a good caretaker to the child. It’s been a year since the relatives were left alone to watch Little Patch and there’were issues where instructions were not being followed.  It may not be a big deal now on how things should be dealt with a baby, but at a few months old, how much to eat, how often and other details can be crucial.   And when my instructions as a mom are not being followed, I feel disrespected as a mom and as if someone else is trying to raise my child their way.  Okay, this is where hubby would say I’m overreacting…!

Am I being too picky? Or should I just let loose like Patch and just let these relatives have him once in awhile?

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  1. Everydayshopper

    I know exactly how you feel. Im a new mother of a 7 week old and there have been some major issues with my inlaws in particular. As much as they love my daughter i would never let them take care of my child in their dirty household of dog hair and just absolute uncleaniness. Good on you, dont ever let anybody disrespect you as a parent. You are your babies parent and guardian for life. They rely on you for what is best for them. Best of luck and I really do enjoy reading your food blog(I was pretty much bedridden at the end of my pregnancy and so browsing on my iphone and reading food blogs was a daily thing for me). Take care!

    • it’s hard, as much as i try to sound stern and stand my ground, sometimes things that relatives say (even in passing) can still hurt. And i’m a worry wart so that means that I’m constantly thinking of the most tactful and diplomatic way to tell relatives what i think.

      congratulations on your little one… right now it’s the most exciting time and enjoy it because time really flies 🙂


  2. Congrats on your little one, happy for you too! While I’m not a parent yet but I could foresee I would be facing the same situation when I will have my own kids in future 😦

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