Parents Build Their Children’s Cliques

We live in a society full of cliques.  It may not necessarily be all ‘Mean Girls‘ and such but eventually your babies will have friends from daycare or even earlier.

But babies can’t start developing cliques at such an early stage, or can they?  Yes, they can.  Because of parents (especially moms) that already choose and select who their babies will have playdates with based on who mommies wants to be friends with or whether the parents fit those mommies’  judgey criterias. 

I’ve been to playdates and birthday parties where parents don’t bother trying to know the other parents who are not in their clique.  What’s more sad is that some would not even give a crap about the children that are not their friends’.  Toddlers may tumble and fall and these parents would just look over and continue chatting with their playdate buddies.  I treat all babies with care whether we are strangers or not ( not in a pedo creepy way) or if I think the parents are super douches.  Babies are babies.  And toddlers are toddlers who may be forever scarred because of your actions (never knowing why).

Because if you know a parent that can only show kindness towards kids of their buddies’, there’s a good chance that these are the same parents that would give expired or dropped food to their children’s friends when they are over.  Heard of favouritism? Unfairness? Yes, that’s those parents and stay away from them!

I’m okay knowing that not everyone wants to be my friend (and I don’t blame them sometimes!) but don’t use your judgeyness on my child.  Don’t treat my child like a loser because you think I am one.


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  1. Great post! I have come upon your blog through Ben (Chow Times). I think mommy cliques are ridiculous too. I remember seeing them when I would bring my baby (years ago) to Storytime at the library. They tried to befriend me but I didn’t want to be pulled into that world. Then I’d have to feel obligated to have playdates. Haha. I’m a playdate snob. It’s only when it’s convenient for ME, and usually it’s with my friends’ kids.

    If I saw your kid fall, I’d help. 😉

  2. Hi Duckie, thanks for dropping by (and picking up my baby)!

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