Quick Recipe – Dutch Chocolate Pudding

Instant Chocolate Pudding - $1.99

There are days where I just don’t have time to make something good.  But not all good things require a lot of time like this Chocolate Pudding from Trader Joes.  Since we don’t have a TJ in Vancouver, it’s not like you can skip out of the house and pick this up.  It’s something that you may want to get while you head south for some shopping.  The closest TJ to Vancouver is in Bellingham (check website for address and directions).

This chocolate pudding has no artificial flavours or colours and preservatives.  On the ingredient list of 6 things, I actually know 5 ingredients – cane sugar, corn starch, cocoa powder, vanilla extract and salt.  The only ingredient that sounds chemical-y was the ingredient used for thickening (how I know if that they actually wrote that next to it).  Try reading the ingredient list for other bigger brand puddings.  More unknown stuff on the ingredient list.

Pour 2 cups of cold milk into the powder mix. It's a small bag of powder but it serves 4.

Mix slowly with a wire whisk for 2 minutes. Let stand for 5 minutes and re-beat briefly with a fork.

Although the package didn't have a lot of powder, but with 2 cups of milk, it made exactly 4 servings of this size.

It tastes really chocolate-y and not grainy, overly sweet or fake tasting (the fakest tasting pudding I’ve had was Jello’s Pistaschio pudding… gross).  It’s air-y even after a day and a half in the fridge.  It’s Dutch chocolate and we all know that Europeans don’t mess around with chocolate.  For $2, this is indeed a good buy to stock up on.

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  1. This is going on my Trader Joe’s shopping list! I’m not big on chocolate desserts, but it would be good to keep on hand for surprise dinner guests, and my other half.

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