Kerrisdale Play Palace

The Kerrisdale Play Palace is located at the Kerrisdale Ice Rink.   It’s seasonal from May-September when the ice rink is not in use.

Little Patch was invited to a birthday party there on a weekend where it’s open to the public as well but it didn’t pose as a problem since the play area is huge.   But you have to watch your stuff and shoes as it’s a busy public place and the adults are busy watching their little ones, thefts do occur.

Kerrisdale play Palace - Corner of East Boulevard and 41st, behind McDonalds

Free parking is plenty by the rink and on the street. 

Safety rules. Entrance fee is $3.00. Free if you are invited to a party. Since no one checks and anyone can walk in as if they are attending a party, they rely on the honour system.

Back to back parties. Lots of kids, but lots of space.

Long tables are set up by the bleachers. Bring your own food, cutlery and everything else.

A couple of bouncy castles and bouncy slides.

Basketball nets, ping pong tables, toddlers climb and tumble areas... there's something for every kid. I didn't notice someone monitoring the safety of the children so it's probably best not to leave them alone.

Overall, I think this is a fun place for an afternoon with your child.  My friend who held the birthday party there said it’s cheap, and she didn’t have to worry about entertainment, just food and cake for the guests.  I brought Little Patch to the toddler area and he loved it.  At first glance, this place looks pretty ghetto but there’s a reason why the kids love it here.  At $3.00 for an afternoon, I would much rather bring LP here than a crowded mall’s indoor playground.


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