About Mo

Hello, my name is Mo aka Mrs. Chan 陳師奶 and I am a homemaker living in Vancouver. I enjoy blogging, trying out new products and creating recipes while being green and economical.  This blog’s purpose is to share tips and stories with other moms out there.

This blog was originally focused on preparation on the arrival of my baby and anything pregnancy-related.  Months after Little Patch (known as LP) was born, I don’t have anything pregnancy related stuff to write about so I started blogging about  the life of being a See Lai.

What’s a See Lai?

See Lai is a Chinese term for housewife but no worries, you won’t find me driving a gas guzzler wearing a darth vadar visor and white gloves.   I follow road rules.  I use sunscreen, not an umbrella, to protect myself from the sun.  I grew up in a very traditional Chinese family where we did a lot of things based on customs or passed on through each generation.  In other words, there might not be a logical reason for the things that I do other than ‘I grew up doing that‘.

Not a Food Blog!

You may notice that there are a lot of recipes but this is not a food blog!  So  self-proclaimed food blog police, please don’t flame me for lack of depth in my restaurant posts.

My cooking style is simplicity.  I don’t use measurements because I tend to go with the flow when I see a recipe.

Powered by Dry Humour, Sarcasm and Suppressed Wits

Being a mom doesn’t automatically make me love all children. I believe evil children exists but luckily, I don’t run into them often, which means they don’t meet the back of my hand often either.   I have a lot of sarcasm and wittiness within me and this is where I can freely express them without losing friends.

I’m not a strong writer and my husband advised that practice will help improve my writing and that I should write in the way that I think (with a dash of tact, this is a public place, afterall) without trying to write like someone I’m not.  I have been criticized about for the way I write, but that’s me, and well… *shrugs*

  1. The red bean filling in your banner looks like a streak of baby poop, or a slug – both of which are disgusting.

  2. Can you send me your email? You were nominated for the VancouverMom.ca mom blogger contest and I’d like to send you some good news and information … 🙂

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