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Oscars Thoughts

Hours away from the Oscars, finally had the chance to put Little Patch to nap so I can complete my Oscars predictions with the hubby.  He’s not really into the the Oscars so this is just a lottery game to him.  I’m a major celebrity news junkie ever since I could read so I have many many thoughts.  Though I’ve yet find myself ever on the same wave as the Academy.

This year, I am biased.  Even if my gut instinct tells me otherwise, I will refuse to pick any winners from Black Swan, The Social Network, and The Kids are All Right.  I’ve seen all the movies and I could not find a reason to like it. Read the rest of this entry


Oprah and Ellen’s Christmas Giveaways

Every year, Oprah and Ellen give away tons of stuff to their audiences in December.  This stuff are sponsored by the companies so it’s not costing the shows a penny.   The audience in the shows are usually women.  I can’t help but think housewives since I assume these tapings are done during work hours on weekdays.  So housewives who can afford to not work… receiving these awesome prizes like trips, electronics, etc.

I don’t live in the states and I’m not familiar with rules for being on the show but I remember trying to score tickets to Oprah and their rule is that if you are free, and they pick you, you get to go.

As I was watching the audience jumping for joy at the Australia trip giveaway on Oprah, my first thought were people that actually need the free trip to Australia.  Perhaps people who have a dying relative in Australia but cannot afford to go while 300 others who probably doesn’t need the trip or very well afford to get one are getting the freebie trip.  It makes me sad.

I’m hoping that these shows actually select their audience for these fantastic giveaways.  Maybe these people give back to the community in some way and deserve to get these prizes.

Btw, I absolutely love Ellen. She seems really nice and genuine about it, or that she’s really good at faking it.  Either way, I think she’s fantastic.

Here’s a clip from Conan about Oprah’s favourite things… haha Enjoy!

Another One Bites the Silicone Dust

Photo taken from Awful Plastic Surgery

One of my favourite actresses, Marion Cotillard was reported to have breast implants.  Not just a lift.  But a full blown 3 cup sizes too big implants.

I’m saddened to hear the news because she’s talented (I’ve watched some of her French movies besides Inception!) and she strikes me as someone who does not need to rely on physical alterations to be accepted in Hollywood.

Her boobs are obviously too big for her frame and they look like supersize bolt on melons.  Save these boobs for Lindsay (great for hiding crack in the cleavage), Heidi Montag or Tila (which  she probably owns a few sets already) but they don’t belong on a naturally beautiful actress!  I hope that the sites reporting it are wrong and this is just a really really effective push up bra from France.