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Walking on Golden Feet

After 9 months of extra weight on my feet, a summer of sandals and new shoes that were too pretty to give up but a pain to wear finally made me go get a foot massage.

Patch’s been complaining about his tired feet so I’ve been searching for places that gives foot massages.  There weren’t many spas that focuses entirely on foot massages for the full hour at a reasonable price.

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Our Choice of Diapers

After my review on the diapers that we tried in the sample pack, we’ve decided to go with something that we have not tested out.   Hemp diapers.  There are so many reasons why we decided to go with hemp.  They are more expensive than cotton but these are the reasons that changed our minds:

  • stronger than cotton
  • breathable
  • has natural antibacterial ingredients

Here is a video to show how easy it is to use hemp diapers!

The covers can be bought at your local baby store for about $10 each.  We have 5 covers for 30 cloth diapers. Even if the cover is waterproof, I still wash it often and change into a new one because the trim is not waterproof so it can absorb pee.

We also have a couple of AIO (All In One) diapers from Kushies for days when all the covers are soiled.  You can get them from BRU or TJ Kids for about $12 each.  No cover is required and they work exactly like a disaposable.  AIO diapers are a great way to see if you can handle using cloth diapers before committing to the switch.  AIOs are not as absorbant and leak-proof as hemp or cotton diapers.

Tip on Storing Milk in the Freezer

Storing milk the conventional way in the freezer can be a space waster as it is bulky. Milk storing bags are designed to have the milk stand upright and when it freezes the bag expands. I have been freezing milk flat so that it saves space since you can stack them one on top of each other in the freezer.

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Milk Storage Timeline

I’ve been pumping a lot of milk lately to ease the pain of engorged breasts. My friend recommended the Gerber Nuk Seal ‘n Go Milk Bags. My pump is the Medalla Swing and I love it because it’s compact and it is used by local hospitals.

I try to breast feed whenever I can. Bottle feeding is my last resort if someone else is watching Little Patch. There’s a chance that you may lose antibodies, fat or leukocytes found in breast milk (live cells that carries immunity from mother to baby) as they may stick to the side walls of the containers or plastic bags. The milk bags are made specifically for storing milk so they do a better job at maintaining the milk components mentioned above.


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Feeding and Beer!

I was reading an article about breastfeeding and beer and got excited when it said that beer helps milk production.  I immediately took that as GO for drinking beer during dinner and read on to realize that beer changes the taste of your breast milk.  The baby will find the beer-flavoured milk too bitter to taste and will not drink as much, hence, decreasing the milk production instead.  Oh, booouuurns!

Oh well, let me introduce you to my favourite beer shown on the left…

New and Green Diapers Sample Pack Review

Last month, we picked up the sample cloth diapers from New & Green Baby Co. For about $200, we got a sample pack for 2 months to see which type of diapers we want to go with.

Their Milkshake Brings All the Babies to the Farm

Along with many vitamins, an omega 3 fatty acid known as DHA found in fish and walnuts is essential in your pregnancy diet. This is good for the development of your baby’s brain, eyes and nervous system and YOU. If your baby is not getting enough DHA, s/he will start sucking the DHA out of you!

I rarely had time to cook a meal that contains enough DHA but I prefer to get my vitamins through food rather than supplements so I found a local dairy farm that carries products that contain DHA.

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The Delish and Bad of Being Pregnant

While I was pregnant, there were many things that I couldn’t eat. The foods that I couldn’t eat, regardless of whether I liked it before or not, became my cravings. I had a lot of caffeine and sugar in the form of starbucks lattes, pop and teas when I wasn’t even a coffee drinker before I was expecting.

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A Time Saving Appliance

I dedicate this post to a mother-to-be friend, Christine. Last weekend, I attended her baby shower with Big Patch and Little Patch. She was the person that I made my diaper cake for.

Halfway through the party, I had to feed LP. I took out the bottled milk, found a cup to fill it with hot water but I couldn’t find any hot water. I wasn’t looking for a kettle, I was looking for an electric thermo pot. But she didn’t have one (or maybe I didn’t look hard enough). My friend found a kettle-like thingy on the stove and it’s been forever since I’ve used a kettle! My immediate reaction was ‘But she’s Chinese, how could she not have one!’ I ended up warming the milk with running hot water from the sink (not very eco-friendly!).

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Finally Feeling SOOO Pregnant…

Today is my first day of mat leave and I planned to surprise visit Ed at work. I went to pick up some pastries for his co-workers and arrived at his office to lunch with him.

After lunch, we decided to take a walk around the block. 5 minutes later, I had to stop. Ed was amused that I sat on the curb between 2 parked cars to catch my breath. I was sooooo tired from walking!

The best time of my pregnancy was my second trimester because I didn’t feel pregnant. That was when I started seeing the bump, feeling flutters and was still mobile.

Now I feel heavy, waking up in the middle of the night to eat, huffing and puffing from walking, seeing my stretch marks (already!) and the line from the belly button to the pubic area starts to get darker. Although my sciatica remained the same, my hips are pretty painful because my hipbones have shifted to get ready for baby to bust out (this is what causes women to ‘waddle’ when they walk). Even though I am very nervous about being in labour, I want my baby to come out now!