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Treats for Mommy (and Friends)

I don’t go shopping frequently (except when I’m vacationing) but with a baby now, it’s even more rare that I go to a mall.  So this is where the internet saves the day.  I love to computer-screen shop.  Forever 21 is one of my favourite online shops to browse mainly because they have to many items offered at such a cheap price.  That though comes at the cost of the quality as well.  Tonight I bought some accessories that I can wear to work or even at home when I want to feel dressed up in sweats and a hoodie.   Their accessories also make decent gifts (well, if you have friends that think F21 accessories are too cheap for them, they probably don’t deserve a gift from you!).

Isn't this bracelet just gorgeous? For the pearl lover... the flower comes in ivory colour as well $7.80

I think turquoise is a beautiful colour especially on jewellery, it really stands out without because too flashy. A cuff that looks like you've bought it from a South American street vendor. $7.80

Leaf and flower earrings, it seems like feathers and mother of pearl are in this season. Love the colour and the different textures. $4.80

Classy style that goes well with the little black/red/silver dress. $5.80

Trimmed feather earrings $5.80

Another classic design are cut-outs especially if done delicately. But then this is Forever 21 so this is pretty for $5.80.

I find that a lot of the earrings from F21 are pretty big so you have to look at the additional photos as they would have an image of the earrings next to a ruler or read the description.  They carry hundreds of earrings so you’ll need to spend some time to go through them.

I didn’t end up getting every thing I liked because I don’t think I’ll make use of the pieces but I think that’s are great as play jewellery and it’s not as painful if you lose it or break it.

Good Buys – Foster Farms Natural Drumsticks (Costco)

Foster Farms Natural Drumsticks from Costco US. No added salt, chemicals or enhancers.

I’m not sure if the BC Costcos carry this yet but sometimes we do our grocery shopping cross-border.  So this would only be a good buy if you are crossing the border for more than just getting drumsticks!

These are sold bulk in packs of 6 mini sealed packs.  There are 5 drumsticks in each.  I like that it’s sealed in packs of 5 sticks so that I don’t have to individually freeze them.  If you look at the price on the package above, it’s less than $9 for 30 sticks.  99 cents per pound.  For natural, non-medicated chicken?  Good buy!