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Do You Believe in Lingering Butt Smells

Creekside Community Centre bathrooms

Don’t you hate it when you enter a public womens’ bathroom and you can smell that someone took a bad number 2 and you try to figure out which stall the smell is not coming from… then you walk into the stall and it smells even worse in there? Happened today at Creekside Community Centre. Ew.

Also, when you’re in line waiting for the bathroom (ie. after a movie in Cineplex or a mall) and you’re next in line, when someone comes out of a stall, do you take your time going in?  I have this fear of lingering butt smell of the person before me so I try to take my time and hope the butt smell goes away by the time I get there.   I have this image of a fat lady squatting and her butt was where my head would be breathing in her butt smell.

Branding Power That’s Not Pointless

I don’t splurge on many things, mainly because I’m frugal and that I’m not in a position to splurge on silly things.  However, I read about this somewhere and thought I had to get one.  Pointless?  No, because I like it pointy. 🙂

This is probably old news but I’ve read recently that Marc Jacobs has their own line of Sharpies.  Ok, who doesn’t like sharpies?  Then you can stop reading now.  🙂  After some online digging, I realized that Sharpies customized their pens for with designers name for Fashion Week.  That makes more sense.  But I still want one of these because having cool stationery at work makes me a lot more happy and productive.

Of course Marc Jacobs sharpies are better than regular ones

On the Sharpie website, there’s an option to customize your own sharpies with your company name.  I think that’s a fantastic idea especially for Patch’s business.  If you get a hundred, it comes to $1.50 each which is about the same price as a good customized pen.  And not everyone likes the same type of pens.  I like mine fine and gel ink but I always get the medium point from promotional products.  And like I said, who doesn’t like use sharpies?

You get to choose your font and get to write up to 2 lines.  You even get an option to pick a cute little image is you want. But overall, it’s a great deal for a custom promotional product.

Sushi Popper

Photo taken from Sushi Popper's website

I saw this on Food Network’s Unwrapped.  It’s sushi on a stick.  It seems… so… wrong… could be worse than wrapped sushi from 7-11.  I looked at their website to see how they deal with raw ingredients and apparently, there are none.  Their raw fish flavours are just flavours which makes it seem even more wrong.

Perhaps this is popular in the US where ppl in some states have never seen a japanese before… who knows?  All I know is that this won’t fly in Vancouver when you can get fresh (but not necessarily good) sushi from every other block.

This is a solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist!

The Groundhog is My Neighbour

I have a neighbour.  He’s retired so he has a lot of time.  He doesn’t have hobbies like gardening or enjoy talking to my parents.  He’s East Indian and my parents are old fashion Chinese.  Both my parents and my neighbour are not racist but I guess the older generations don’t really hang out with other races for reasons like language barrier or cultural differences.  But they’re on polite terms.  The reason why I brought up our races is because we asked him once to not use his leaf blowers to blow his leaves over (especially after my dad spent hours raking our yard and keeping the grass area by the sidewalk leaf-free) and he called us racist.  Ok, whatever. Read the rest of this entry

Back next week…

I’ll be on a diners, dives, and drives mission in OAHU!  Stay tuned next week on updates on my mission.

Oscars Thoughts

Hours away from the Oscars, finally had the chance to put Little Patch to nap so I can complete my Oscars predictions with the hubby.  He’s not really into the the Oscars so this is just a lottery game to him.  I’m a major celebrity news junkie ever since I could read so I have many many thoughts.  Though I’ve yet find myself ever on the same wave as the Academy.

This year, I am biased.  Even if my gut instinct tells me otherwise, I will refuse to pick any winners from Black Swan, The Social Network, and The Kids are All Right.  I’ve seen all the movies and I could not find a reason to like it. Read the rest of this entry

Salesrep Dishonest Tactics

I hate going to Future Shop to shop but sometimes I have to because the man needs something essential that he can’t find at his favourite computer shop.

When I walk into Future Shop, I go my own way to browse, usually at laptops or video games.  Then a piranha comes out and questions what I’m looking for.  It’s like they rarely try to find something suitable for you but rather than find something that fits in the high end of your price range.

But what I’m about to say is even worse because it should be a crime!!!  Read the rest of this entry

A Personal Chef for a Day

Patch and I rarely celebrate commercial holidays with each other.  That means no gift-giving, no mushy cards and no acknowledgement of the day (because we forget). But this year, Patch wanted to cook me a meal on Valentine’s day.  He normally makes a lot of gourmet meals at home (he puts my personal recipes to shame, but then it’s not that hard) but it’s usually what he feels like making. I think cooking for me on Monday is more of a treat for him than me.  😉

Patch is a great cook and he loves to cook ethnic cuisine.  He reads up on a lot preparation methods and understands cooking in theory.  I always tell him that if his current career doesn’t work out, he can always go to culinary school.  He would be an excellent hobby chef but we live in a dump and I’m sure that would somehow cloud judgement on his food!  I like to make simple meals out of everyday ingredients while he loves making things from scratch, searching all over Vancouver to find his ingredients.  I’m Nigella and he’s Ramsay. He used to render his own pork fat to use in his cooking.  After a few months of cooking in pure pork fat, his doctor put him on Lipitor. That didn’t stop him from cooking what he loves, he just adds flax seed to control the cholesterol. LOL!

I want to find something that he normally doesn’t eat… like seafood.  I get to pick anything from his collection of recipe books and I’ve narrowed it down to 4.  If he has the French Laundry book, I would probably pick everything from that book.

Narrowed it to 4 books

So what should I pick?  Here are my guidelines:

  • no heavy pasta as they waste tummy real estate.
  • some sort of shellfish
  • update: no steak and any part of lamb since he makes it often, so I put Lobel’s Prime Cuts back on the bookshelf.

If you ask me what my favourite foods are, I can’t say something specific like chicken or a dish name.  A word to describe what I like to eat is ‘Raw‘.  I like my steak still moo-ing, my fish still flapping and my octopus tentacles still fighting in my throat, well, you get the idea.  My dream buffet is a farm.  I salivate when I’m at a petting zoo. Baby animals! But please don’t tell my son that though.

HSBC Chinatown Could Hire Honest Reps

A couple weeks ago, my dad went to HSBC in Chinatown to do some bank stuff. One of his GICs were close to maturing and he wanted to re-new or when it matures.  He met with a bank rep with his request and left thinking it was done.

When he got home, he couldn’t figure out why the numbers are different.  Since I don’t follow his investments, I didn’t know what to tell him and the statement the bank rep printed out for him was just a summary of what’s in his accounts, no history or transactions were provided at all.  After questioning my dad about his visit to HSBC Chinatown, he revealed that the bank rep was not very clear with what he was doing with my dad’s accounts and asked him to sign paperwork which a copy was not given to my dad.   The bank was hesistant with answering questions and my dad didn’t feel comfortable with the bank rep but he already signed the paperwork which immediately taken away. It was tempting to lecture my dad on signing unknown paperwork but I understand that as a senior chinese who doesn’t understand English, he would trust a bank rep  from a major bank that he’s been with for years to be honest with him regarding his paperwork. Read the rest of this entry

Best Gifts to the Not-The-Best-Person

There are many lists out there for the gift ideas for children.  How about children of parents you don’t like? Parents that annoy the heck out of you… or parents that you just want to punch out (oh admit it, you must know someone like that) but you don’t because you’r enot setting a good example to your children.

You can take this as “Gifts Not Recommended for Parents” or gifts for parents you don’t like.  I think I will get more ideas if I write under the latter context though.

Oil Pastels – these are like crayons, but they are not as children friendly.  They are oily and it’s a real pain to get it off the walls, leather couches, and carpets when smudged.

Playdoh – self explanatory.   Good bye walls and carpets.

Felt Markers – Good bye walls and tabletops!

Electronic Toys w/o the Batteries but require lots of the big expensive batteries

A Pet – it’s a gift that keeps on giving… until it dies.

Candy – kids bouncing off the oil pastel decorated walls.

First half of a movie, don’t bother burning the second half, they can find it themselves.

This is just some humour, I hope parents won’t actually give these items with these intentions. 😉