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Oahu’s Triple D – Home(Hotel)made Meal

After a trip to the farmer’s market, we dedicated a night to make use of our hotel kitchen and make a home cooked meal (and save some $$).   Here’s something that Patch and I whipped up for our friends.

The ever popular Miso Butterfish ($15 from the market). Baked in the oven. The miso paste was thick enough that it overpowered the flavour of the butterfish.

Ribeye steaks from trusty Costco... seasoned with Dole's Original Seasoning. A little bit of salt rub goes a loooooong way. They were cooked at the hotel's BBQ grill.

Fresh abalone sauteed in locally made garlic and herb butter.

Abalone ready for picking.

Salad with fresh mango, blueberries and avocadoes mixed with Dole's Pineapple dressing. Corn grilled using the lounge's BBQ. You will need to supply your own aluminum foil unless you got our room, we left the leftovers in the kitchen. 😉

Our homemade meal with beer and bottles of plum wine!

Oahu’s Triple D – The Abalone is a Cheap Dirty Ho

A fresh abalone saying hello. Actually, more like saying good bye as it became my dinner that night.

I used my index finger to stroke it a bit and it became aroused for my camera.  The flesh feels and looks slimy but it’s dry.  It’s firm and what looks like the lips opens and closes its flap when it’s aroused.

The video below is perfect for anyone with an abalone fetish.  Which I don’t have.  I’m more into abalone snuff.  Cutting, chewing, swallowing.