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Oprah and Ellen’s Christmas Giveaways

Every year, Oprah and Ellen give away tons of stuff to their audiences in December.  This stuff are sponsored by the companies so it’s not costing the shows a penny.   The audience in the shows are usually women.  I can’t help but think housewives since I assume these tapings are done during work hours on weekdays.  So housewives who can afford to not work… receiving these awesome prizes like trips, electronics, etc.

I don’t live in the states and I’m not familiar with rules for being on the show but I remember trying to score tickets to Oprah and their rule is that if you are free, and they pick you, you get to go.

As I was watching the audience jumping for joy at the Australia trip giveaway on Oprah, my first thought were people that actually need the free trip to Australia.  Perhaps people who have a dying relative in Australia but cannot afford to go while 300 others who probably doesn’t need the trip or very well afford to get one are getting the freebie trip.  It makes me sad.

I’m hoping that these shows actually select their audience for these fantastic giveaways.  Maybe these people give back to the community in some way and deserve to get these prizes.

Btw, I absolutely love Ellen. She seems really nice and genuine about it, or that she’s really good at faking it.  Either way, I think she’s fantastic.

Here’s a clip from Conan about Oprah’s favourite things… haha Enjoy!

Someone Once Said…

… to me, ‘You must have a lot of time to build and maintain a blog after giving birth.’

No! Maybe I am just negligent! Yay, Mother of the Year award to me.  I kid, I kid… I will have to wait in line behind Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan’s mom to get that one…