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Quick Recipes – Wine Chicken

Wing Tat Specialty Chicken

My family ordered a box of specialty chickens from Wing Tat poultry.   A box comes with 8 chickens (they are on the small side) and it comes to around $5.50 each.  What a deal, you can’t even find that at a chinese BBQ shop (siu lap poe).  This is including FREE DELIVERY straight to your doorstep (plus tips for the driver).

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Ong Choy, The Spinach That Can Swim

Patch and I would like to start eating more healthy Chinese food for dinner.  Healthy chinese food sounds like an oxymoron!  You can have healthy homemade non-greasy chinese dishes to accompany rice or congee.   One of his favourite veggie is Water Spinach also known as Ung choy, Tung choy but I always thought they are hard to prepare.

I bought the ong choy from a Chinese supermarket.   It almost $2 a pound and you have to throw out a good portion of the stalk where it’s hard and tough.


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