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Quick Recipe – Dutch Chocolate Pudding

Instant Chocolate Pudding - $1.99

There are days where I just don’t have time to make something good.  But not all good things require a lot of time like this Chocolate Pudding from Trader Joes.  Since we don’t have a TJ in Vancouver, it’s not like you can skip out of the house and pick this up.  It’s something that you may want to get while you head south for some shopping.  The closest TJ to Vancouver is in Bellingham (check website for address and directions). Read the rest of this entry


Souvenirs from Oahu

Entrance to the factory @ 707A Waiakamilo Road Honolulu.

No one goes to Hawaii without bringing some souvenirs back unless you’re scrooge or you were hiding from the authorities at home. But if you are looking for gift items, surely there are stuff from the ABC Store (there are no ABC Store sat the airport, so get what you need there before heading to the airport) and the International Market.  That is, if you like cultured pearls, knick knacks made in China and all sorts of other crap!

A few of our favourite places to get gifts for home is the Dole Plantation gift shop, Honolulu Cookie Company, Don Quixote for Moana Loa nuts and Costco.  One of the lesser known places to get nut souvenirs is Menehune Mac Factory. Read the rest of this entry