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Quick Recipe – Dutch Chocolate Pudding

Instant Chocolate Pudding - $1.99

There are days where I just don’t have time to make something good.  But not all good things require a lot of time like this Chocolate Pudding from Trader Joes.  Since we don’t have a TJ in Vancouver, it’s not like you can skip out of the house and pick this up.  It’s something that you may want to get while you head south for some shopping.  The closest TJ to Vancouver is in Bellingham (check website for address and directions). Read the rest of this entry

Oahu’s Triple D – Waiola Shaved Ice – Worth a Trip to Hawaii

This is partially why I keep returning to Honolulu... seriously.

To end my Oahu’s Triple D segment is a trip to Waiola’s Shave Ice.  No, this is not the Waiola Shave Ice that’s constantly advertised on Hawaii Five-0 and not the one with the bakery.

On my previous trip to Honolulu, a local friend introduced me and my hubby to shaved ice.  At first I wasn’t too interested because I imagined it to be like PNE’s snow cone.  Coarse, grainy, rough ice doused in food colouring.

When I arrived, it was part of a corner store.  But there was a line for the shaved ice which is the first good sign. Read the rest of this entry

Oahu’s Triple D – Bubbies – Would you like an Aural Massage with your Mochi?

Bubbies from the University district.

This is purely review on Bubbies’ ice cream mochis.  But if the rest of the menu is as delicious as their mochis, then go for the whole menu!

A mochi is a type of japanese pastry that has a light thin skin that is made from glutinous rice, or flour of sweet rice wrapped around a filling or moulded into a shape.  In this case, mochis are a common dessert where the skin is wrapped around ice cream.  It is quite common in Asia and there are many different variations and types of mochis.  Read the rest of this entry

Oahu’s Triple D – Quick Break from Liliha Bakery

Their signature box is recognized by all locals.

Lilihua Bakery is a popular bakery with locals.  Since I’m not a pastry fan (which by now, I’m convinced that Hawaii can convert me to like a lot of foods that I normally go meh about – except ginger… no freaking way), I wasn’t particularly excited about eating a pastry puff.  I’ve had Costco’s cream puffs to Beard Papa’s puffs, aren’t they all the same?

Well, guess a coco puff with the nickname Magic Puff does not fall into that category.  The size of these puffs are big.  Took about 4-5 bites to finish it.

These are BIG and I don't mean 2 bites big. This is a dessert on its own.

The pastry is dense and heavy.  It’s definitely not a light puff.  Its topping is chantilly which tastes vanilla-y, tooth-aching-ly sweet and has a coconut flake texture.  I just googled for chantilly recipes and most recipes also calls for mac nuts as well which I couldn’t tell if this has mac nuts… well, if I had a nut allergy, I would know but I don’t.  When you bite into it, you can feel the pulp from the icing.  You have to eat the icing with the puff, do not lick the icing off first or you’ll be picking up your teeth from the floor.

The buttery smooth chocolate pudding filling.

I was sold when I heard it’s chocolate filled.  Unlike the chantilly topping, the chocolate pudding is not too sweet so it balances nicely with the pastry puff and the mountain of sugar on top.  I couldn’t help but stick my tongue in to fish out the pudding.  Classy, I know.  But if this stuff comes in a jar on its own, I would get a truckload of it and eat it with a spoon. Read the rest of this entry