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Vancouver Eats – Long’s Noodle House

My parents and I went to Long’s Noodle House to celebrate Chinese New Year.  When we go out and eat, we normally each pick a dish or two.  Patch and I usually pick the regular dishes and my mom likes to try new things.  Lots of food tonight!

Hot & Sour Soup ($6.95)

To start, we had the hot & sour soup.  Surprisingly, we’ve never had the soup here before so we ordered it tonight.  It was just okay.  It was peppery, more towards the white pepper taste and not very spicy.  I know a good hot & sour soup when I have it.  My favourite hot & sour soup is from the original Mui Loong Chun’s on Kingsway (by the now-gone Dragon’s Inn Smorgasboard and across from the now-gone Wally’s burgers) but Ningtu is not bad too. Read the rest of this entry

Vancouver Eats – Angkor Cambodian Restaurant

I went to Angkor Cambodian restaurant for lunch today with a friend.  There’s a big sign that says Cambodian Noodle House which I thought that was the name of the restaurant.

My friend highly recommended the Beef Stew with flat noodles.  But I wanted something soupy, and something that’s not blah, I decided to try the Lemongrass Chicken Sour Soup (it didn’t indicate hot, but the chinese translation says it’s hot and sour).  That was the soup without a photo on the menu.

Jar of chilis at every table.

I noticed that there was a jar of chilis at every table and usually I take advantage of free condiments offered like fried or fresh garlic (at ramen restaurants), but since I was recovering from the flu, I didn’t want to risk having a ring of fire that night.  Read the rest of this entry

Urban Source – From Trash to Treasures

Urban Source - next to the Heritage Hall and Cafe Rustico on Main Street

I walked by Urban Source many times before checking it out today.  It’s a pretty cool store especially if you are a crafter.  They’ve been around for 17 years and they sell  knick knacks collected from industries for artists and crafters looking for something unique to complete their pieces.

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Vancouver Eats – Carthage Cafe

Carthage Cafe is one of the surprising gems on Commercial Drive.  There were 7 of us that went there for dinner tonight.  I wasn’t sure what type of food Tunisia serves since I’m not familiar with the country.  The only memory I have of Tunisia was from a Lost episode.

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