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Products That Are Not Helping Our Much-Saving-Needed Environment

I see more household items on commercials that got me thinking dubya-tee-eff.  While we are trying to cut down on our carbon footprint, there are companies making products for wasteful consumers.  Things that doesn’t even make sense for it to become disposable.

Save your hands from the evil pump

Lysol Healthy No-Touch hand Soap – why? because your pump harnesses a lot of germ and you don’t want to touch it right before wash your hands. Really? Is that necessary in your own home?  I’ve seen women in the bathroom that rips out 2 feet long paper towels to protect their hands while turning off the tap and getting a clean sheet of paper towel to wipe their hands.

Double your waste with disposable diapers and pads

Disposable Change Pads (made by vasious companies) – re-usable change pads come in a standard size and it’s a waterproof plastic which means if the nasty happens on the pad, you can easily rinse it off.  Disposable change pads are more harmful because they are meant to be one time use, comes in a standard size and comes with a waterproof backing which is not very likely recyclable.

Because pulling a paper towel from the roll is too much work

Home Paper Towel Dispenser – this doesn’t seem too bad at first because many of us use paper towels at home, but some brands perforate the edges a lot closer along the towels so you get smaller pieces.  The thing that gets me again, is the ‘hands free’ function.

When I lived on my own, I used to save paper towels by reusing them.  I didn’t do it for the environment though, I used to leave the damp paper towel on the counter and by the time I got to throwing it away, it was  already dry and ready to be used again only to be slightly stiffer.  So I kept doing that with paper towels that I used for drying my hands.  Even though it wasn’t a conscience decision to save the planet (it was more for saving $), I still did something, so there.   And it can’t be that gross because I still have all my fingers.

I can see some paranoid ppl using the above items just because they are afraid of germs.  Here’s a tip to those ppl – these products are quite expensive and are not environmentally friendly.  So why not adopt a mexican child and have them to pump your hand soap or get paper towels?  It’s a lot cheaper.  Here’s some ideas to develop on for Johnson & Johnson, Proctor and Gamble.  A Disposable Child Robot!


Our Choice of Diapers

After my review on the diapers that we tried in the sample pack, we’ve decided to go with something that we have not tested out.   Hemp diapers.  There are so many reasons why we decided to go with hemp.  They are more expensive than cotton but these are the reasons that changed our minds:

  • stronger than cotton
  • breathable
  • has natural antibacterial ingredients

Here is a video to show how easy it is to use hemp diapers!

The covers can be bought at your local baby store for about $10 each.  We have 5 covers for 30 cloth diapers. Even if the cover is waterproof, I still wash it often and change into a new one because the trim is not waterproof so it can absorb pee.

We also have a couple of AIO (All In One) diapers from Kushies for days when all the covers are soiled.  You can get them from BRU or TJ Kids for about $12 each.  No cover is required and they work exactly like a disaposable.  AIO diapers are a great way to see if you can handle using cloth diapers before committing to the switch.  AIOs are not as absorbant and leak-proof as hemp or cotton diapers.

New and Green Diapers Sample Pack Review

Last month, we picked up the sample cloth diapers from New & Green Baby Co. For about $200, we got a sample pack for 2 months to see which type of diapers we want to go with.

Why We Chose to Use Cloth Diapers – by Patch

My dear wife has asked me (several times now) to post on the blog and explain the decision as to why we will be using cloth diapers.

There’s a multitude of information and resources and I’m not too interested in regurgitating word for word what’s out there. I’ll append a list of resources at the end of this post. Briefly here are my comments.

Why cloth diapers? Why anything?

There are clear benefits to using cloth diapers to the environment, to the child and to the wallet. The opportunity cost is time in the form of more work, principally in laundry.

For me, the benefits outweigh the costs. At least the theory does at this point. I’ll find out when I give it a try. That’s the simple explanation.

The longer one is this.
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My Swap Meet Treasure Findings

It’s a good feeling to walk away with purchases knowing that you’ve got a deal on something that you actually need. It’s better when they are new and unused!

Here is what I’ve bought at yesterday’s swap (some new and some old items). Read the rest of this entry

First Community Baby Swap Meet

I went to my first ever Swap Meet today. It is a baby swap meet at the Poirier Community Centre in Coquitlam. We picked up another couple on the way there and met a 3rd couple with a kid there. The meet was much bigger than I expected, I was expecting it to take place in a small gym, but the entire community centre (5 rooms and hallways) was packed with tables including outside.

I’ve never been to a swap meet before and the thought of buying used baby items was not that appealing to me. However, if you’re saavy enough, you can walk away with some great items. We saw a bassinet that was all yucky and yellow with filth though. That was pretty funny, and no, we didn’t buy it.

Here are some things I learned from today’s swap meet. Read the rest of this entry