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Oahu’s Triple D – The Abalone is a Cheap Dirty Ho

A fresh abalone saying hello. Actually, more like saying good bye as it became my dinner that night.

I used my index finger to stroke it a bit and it became aroused for my camera.  The flesh feels and looks slimy but it’s dry.  It’s firm and what looks like the lips opens and closes its flap when it’s aroused.

The video below is perfect for anyone with an abalone fetish.  Which I don’t have.  I’m more into abalone snuff.  Cutting, chewing, swallowing.

Oahu’s Triple D – Honolulu’s Saturday Farmer’s Market

If you are staying in a condo with a kitchen, it’s worth it to visit Honolulu’s premiere Saturday Farmer’s Market for some fresh goods.  I wasn’t able to eat out every meal when travelling with 2 babies, so we decided to stock up on fresh produce.  One drawback is that we couldn’t cook with lots of spices since it’s not worth it to buy a spice rack for a couple of meals.

The market entrance. We don't know the girls... Kawaii! Whee!

The market is located in parking lot of the Kapiolani Community College.  When you arrive, it is likely that the parking lot is full, but the turnover is high and you’ll find a spot shortly.  I find that Hawaiians are also very polite, if you are waiting for a spot, every car behind you waits patiently.  Unlike Vancouver, where you will either get honked or the cars behind will speed by on purpose. Read the rest of this entry