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The Best Fishy Smelling Balls I Have Ever Tasted

I love fish balls.  Curry fish balls, vinegar fish balls, fish balls in noodle soup broth, you name it, I love it.  Part of this obsession has something to do with the flavours it’s drenched in.  Good curry makes good curry balls.  I don’t really eat plain fish balls on its own because most of the time, it’s just all right.  Until now…

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Making Easy Meals for Gobblers

School is back and it’s time to stress over making meals for the kids.  I don’t have any kids that are returning to school but I have neices and nephews that come over and eat a lot.  They are growing so they are always hungry.  They chow down everything without enjoying the food unless Ed, the gourmet chef and super foodie explains the ingredients to them (which one of them is starting to become interested in how food is prepared and should taste). I love to cook but I don’t want to cook a fine meal if it is not appreciated.

If you are feeding kids who think food magically appears on the table, no appreciation of how food is made or come from (can’t blame them at their age), then here are some tips on making lots of food that will keep them full and your wallet happy.

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Vancouver Eats – Man Ri Sung

Ok, so this isn’t really in Vancouver as this is a restaurant in Coquitlam but the food is worth making the 20 minute drive out!

So this is our second visit to Man Ri Sung Korean Restaurant and the reason for the visit is the duck menu (again).  Their regular menu is about 6 pages long but we only ordered 2 things from it on our first visit. (a hot pot and ribs which were quite tasty).  This time, it’ll be all duck!

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Hidden Blocks of Gems in Whole Foods

Although I find Whole Foods expensive to grocery shop regularly, I shop there at least once a month because there’s an area where mommies and their babies hang out around lunch time (the Cambie location).   It’s a great way to meet other mommies (especially the ‘Lululemommies‘)  if you are the social type.  But I found another great reason to shop there… the Cheese Ends section!

The Cheese Ends section is found near the blocks of cheese section in the fridge area.  I love to try different cheeses but don’t want to spend $10+ on a new cheese.  The Cheese ends are smaller blocks, probably leftovers from the large blocks being cut into popular sellable wedges.   It’s in a small basket and there are many different cheeses around the price range of $1.50 – $3.00.  The sizes are enough to make a cheese plate to share and definely enough for you to decide whether that cheese is for you.   At that price, I managed to pick up a couple of cheese to try on Patch’s burgers and as snacks.

Vancouver Eats – Carthage Cafe

Carthage Cafe is one of the surprising gems on Commercial Drive.  There were 7 of us that went there for dinner tonight.  I wasn’t sure what type of food Tunisia serves since I’m not familiar with the country.  The only memory I have of Tunisia was from a Lost episode.

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Vancouver Eats – Jethros Fine Grub

I figured with more time nearing the end of summer, I’ll try to post something new in this blog.  I’ll try to review restaurants around town since I eat out often.

Last week, I met up with a couple of mommies to have brunch at Jethros Fine Grub on Dunbar.  Our original plan was to go to Zen but parking is usually a pain and a friend suggested trying out Jethros.

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Quick Fix Snack – Midnight Guacamole

I was craving for a snack shortly after midnight.  Another one of my quick fix recipes would be guacamole.  Doing a search on recipes sites has led to many different versions of guacamoles.  Other than the main ingredient avocado, you can pretty much do whatever you want with it.  Here is my version of this tasty, filling snack (or dip as most people would use it as!).

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Quick Fix Meal – Buttered Mushroom, Corn & Garlic Soup

As a busy mom, I don’t have time to make food from scratch although Patch still cooks gourmet meals from scratch.   Couple days ago, I was struggling with making lunch as Little Patch is not napping as much as before.  I had some cans of soup but I didn’t want to eat ‘a can of soup’ so I added more ingredients to make it more gourmet.  But not too gourmet as my free time is limited!


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Tip on Storing Milk in the Freezer

Storing milk the conventional way in the freezer can be a space waster as it is bulky. Milk storing bags are designed to have the milk stand upright and when it freezes the bag expands. I have been freezing milk flat so that it saves space since you can stack them one on top of each other in the freezer.

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Milk Storage Timeline

I’ve been pumping a lot of milk lately to ease the pain of engorged breasts. My friend recommended the Gerber Nuk Seal ‘n Go Milk Bags. My pump is the Medalla Swing and I love it because it’s compact and it is used by local hospitals.

I try to breast feed whenever I can. Bottle feeding is my last resort if someone else is watching Little Patch. There’s a chance that you may lose antibodies, fat or leukocytes found in breast milk (live cells that carries immunity from mother to baby) as they may stick to the side walls of the containers or plastic bags. The milk bags are made specifically for storing milk so they do a better job at maintaining the milk components mentioned above.


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