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Oahu’s Triple D – Macky’s Kahuku Sweet Shrimp

We were lucky that no one was there mid-day. Only 5 minute wait! Macky chilling outside his truck.

This is probably Giovanni‘s biggest competitor in the shrimp shack business and I have to say that Giovanni’s gets my vote hands down.  I don’t even know why I came to try.  Perhaps this differentiates foodies who likes saucy food or not.  Read the rest of this entry

Oahu’s Triple D – Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

The sign is on the same truck as we saw 2 years ago.

There’s always a debate on which is the best shrimp truck on the island.  My favourite one is Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck.  Sure, I’ve had other ones in the city (which none was worth remembering the name) and other top contenders like Fumi’s Kahuku Shrimp and Macky’s.  Maybe I went on an off day, but Macky’s was not good at all, or maybe it has something to do with the fact that it was included with the ‘Lost’ tour.

You’ll be seeing a lot of shrimp trucks along North Shore (abour 75-90 min drive from Honolulu) near Kahuku (a shrimp aquaculture area), and I have to say that Fumi’s and Giovanni’s are relatively good.  But if you try other places first, you may not be disappointed when you try Giovanni’s after.  As some people can get pretty heated in who-has-the-best-shrimps debates, so I’ll stop comparing it to other shrimp trucks.  Read the rest of this entry