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Oahu’s Triple D – Me’s Bar-B-Que (Waikiki)

At first, I thought the restaurant is called Sunny's. I guess Sunny is the owner of the restaurant. Check our #8 - FRIED MAN DOO!

Our hotel was located a block from Me’s Bar-B-Que and in my last few trips, we have eaten here many times, not because of its location, but because the Kal Bi is soooooo good.  This is a lot better than the short ribs at AAA Local BbqRead the rest of this entry


Vancouver Eats – Man Ri Sung

Ok, so this isn’t really in Vancouver as this is a restaurant in Coquitlam but the food is worth making the 20 minute drive out!

So this is our second visit to Man Ri Sung Korean Restaurant and the reason for the visit is the duck menu (again).  Their regular menu is about 6 pages long but we only ordered 2 things from it on our first visit. (a hot pot and ribs which were quite tasty).  This time, it’ll be all duck!

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