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And Here I Am, A Year Later…

… I’m still here, still partly crazy, still loving motherhood but a lot poorer.

Lots of changes and here are some updates and things that I would’ve done differently.


I am still using cloth diapers which has its good and bad moments.  Little Patch is producing more pee each time he decides to go which means I have to change him more frequently. I love him but just thinking about his pee stench in a pail/bag waiting to be washed makes me want to gag.  I dislike changing diapers and I find every excuse to get out of doing it when Patch is around.  I’ve used every excuse in the book when I hand LP to him saying ‘Honey, could you change him, I have to go pee/job hunt/upload photos/return a call.‘  Yes, I’ve used job hunt before and it works because if he questions me, he’ll get, ‘Do you want me to work or not?’

That said, I do appreciate how much money we’ve saved by using cloth diapers.  On our one week trip to Hawaii, we used exactly one pack of 35 Seventh Generation disposable diapers.  That would normally cost around $20.  So at around $20 per week, you do the math.   We spent about $350 on cloth to last until he’s 25 lbs and about $200 on disposables.  However, that’s not the same deal as if I got Huggies or Pampers from Costco in the US (which for size 3 is about 17 cents each), I use Seventh Generation which costs about 27 cents each. Still, not bad for the year.  Best if the little bugger is actually potty trained…!

Money Saved But There’s Also Money Unwisely Spent

I can’t practice what I preach.  I tell new moms over and over that it’s not necessary to buy clothing and toys for the first few years.  Little Patch’s been extremely fortunate enough to receive clothing and toys from friends and family on Christmas, birthday, and “just because”.  He has so much that I’ve donated some to a local clothing bank or passed it on to expecting friends.  But guess what, I still spent $10 on a hoodie just because it’s cute and more importantly, I feel that I want him to wear something from mommy.  Does he know or care?  Most likely not. Yeah, I know that’s why I suck in this department.

TV Time

I’m a bit ashamed to admit that around Lil Patch’s 10 month bday, I started using the TV (Treehouse to be exact) to calm, distract or entertain him.  Who knew that 4 middle age men can be cute and comical wearing star trek knock off uniforms (I heart you, Sam Moran)?  And to be honest, sometimes it’s because *I* want to watch it.  His TV times are usually 12:30 – 1:15pm, around his lunch time.  Lunchtime with the TV on? That’s double crime.  However, I’ve managed to turn off TV time during his feeding and I find that he focuses better of eating.  Uh duh.

Sleep, Little Patch, Sleep

After a whirlwind of family functions pre and post-LP’s 100 day banquet, we finally have a chance to wind down.  What this means is that if LP’s sleep schedule could get any more out-of-whack during that week, well… it could.

Sleeping at 3:30am, waking up at 8am and 10am and sleeping until 3:30pm was the schedule for the past 2 weeks.  It was hard when I slept late and didn’t have to energy to assist LP in staying up the next morning.  So that had to change today.

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An Angel with Cute Horns

The best time of the day is when Little Patch is deep asleep during the morning.  His schedule is currently whacked as he has days and nights mixed up.  As much effort as we put to set a proper schedule, there are things that come up that resets it such as vaccine shots, visiting relatives and other things.

I love watching my angel sleep as he looks so so sweet that I just want to kiss him, hug him, or poke him! I should know better to wake him up when most babies should be awake, but I end up staring at him like a creepy stalker for a long time.

His morning sweetness makes me forget what a brat he is when he refuses to sleep at 3am the night before… that’s the price I have to pay when I let LP sleep in so that I can stare at him.

Baby Kicks Harder

Tonight Ed and I felt harder kicks from the baby. It was quite exciting as I can start to see the movement of my belly on the outside.