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Oahu’s Triple D – Did Someone Say Malasadas?

Leonard's Bakery on Kapahulu Avenue

Anyone who read any Hawaiian foodie blogs, forums or talked to locals would have heard of malasadas, especially from Leonard’s Bakery.  Malasadas originated from Portugal and it’s a fried pastry with custard filling dusted with granulated sugar on top.    When you bite into the pastry part, the texture is like a type of flat chinese doughnut – Ox tongue pastry (ngau lay so) mixed with TimBits.

The place and ONLY place we heard anyone recommend getting malasadas from is Leonard’s Bakery.  On our previous visits, Patch and I were able to polish off  at least half a dozen in a sitting.  However, now we can barely finish 2 each in a sitting.  Must be old age… Read the rest of this entry