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Vancouver Eats – Memak Malaysian Cafe

Charles the owner/chef giving a speech on the live band stage of the pub. organized a lunch for 50 of his readers to try out a new Malaysian cafe.  For those who does not know what Chowtimes is, go visit this site right now… or after you read this post.  The website and the couple behind it is truly a local gem on Vancouver eats and food-blogging.

I am not familiar about authentic Malay cuisine so I can’t comment on the authenticity of the food but judging from the responses by Malaysian foodies, it seems like it’s the real deal (like a HK cafe vs Authentic Canadian Chinese cuisine).  Does that make sense?

The restaurant is located in a dive pub (Pub 340) which one would not know what type of food is being cooked in the kitchen without walking in.  The owner Charles mentioned that they are working on having a proper sign.

This review will be a bit different from the others since this is a special event that was put together by the couple behind Chowtimes, Charles and Julie (owners/chef) and a lot of hard work were put into making this event successful and fun.  I will only focus on the food and not logistic hiccups that came with serving for an unusual party of 50+.

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