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Branding Power That’s Not Pointless

I don’t splurge on many things, mainly because I’m frugal and that I’m not in a position to splurge on silly things.  However, I read about this somewhere and thought I had to get one.  Pointless?  No, because I like it pointy. 🙂

This is probably old news but I’ve read recently that Marc Jacobs has their own line of Sharpies.  Ok, who doesn’t like sharpies?  Then you can stop reading now.  🙂  After some online digging, I realized that Sharpies customized their pens for with designers name for Fashion Week.  That makes more sense.  But I still want one of these because having cool stationery at work makes me a lot more happy and productive.

Of course Marc Jacobs sharpies are better than regular ones

On the Sharpie website, there’s an option to customize your own sharpies with your company name.  I think that’s a fantastic idea especially for Patch’s business.  If you get a hundred, it comes to $1.50 each which is about the same price as a good customized pen.  And not everyone likes the same type of pens.  I like mine fine and gel ink but I always get the medium point from promotional products.  And like I said, who doesn’t like use sharpies?

You get to choose your font and get to write up to 2 lines.  You even get an option to pick a cute little image is you want. But overall, it’s a great deal for a custom promotional product.