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Oahu Triple D – Goma Ichi Ramen with a side of Chin Ho (Ala Moana)

A couple of glowing reviews have pointed us to Goma Ichi Ramen by Ala Moana for a late lunch.  I wanted to visit The Counter (which I was glad I didn’t as I’ve heard not-so-stellar reviews about the burger joint) mainly because I heard that you could bump into Daniel Dae Kim there!  But I am more of a ramen lover than a patty person so off to Goma we went.

When we arrived, there was a 20 minutes wait at the door.  No wait area or extra seating.  You can wait inside right next to the patrons or outside where you have to come back in often to see where you’re at on the waitlist.  I did not see the staff go out to call anyone.  Patch and I chose the path to annoy the customers that are already seated.

Our view while we were waiting.

There are only a few tables and 2 counters worth of seating area.  The feeling I got was that this is a quick-bite-and-go type of place.  Read the rest of this entry


Oahu’s Triple D – Ezogiku Noodle Cafe (Ala Moana)

The posts can only get more exciting… don’t worry, we are getting there. 😉  Let’s just get the boring stuff out of the way first!

There's a sit-in area on the left of the store.

Ezogiku Noodle Cafe has multiple locations around Honolulu area.  We visited the one by Don Quixote (can you tell we love that supermarket?) and ordered the Char Siu ramen ($7.25) and Miso Ramen ($6.25). Read the rest of this entry