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A House is Not a Home Anymore in Vancouver

Patch and I were looking at some open houses recently to see what’s out there.  We are currently renting and have no intention of purchasing a house for at least a year.  That is because with today’s market (even with the drop), we are not able to afford something decent  in Vancouver. By decent, I mean anything that’s not a crack house.

As I’m sure there are many many posts regarding how insane how the Vancouver housing market has become, I will stay away from that topic since I do not know much about the market.



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Feeding and Beer!

I was reading an article about breastfeeding and beer and got excited when it said that beer helps milk production.  I immediately took that as GO for drinking beer during dinner and read on to realize that beer changes the taste of your breast milk.  The baby will find the beer-flavoured milk too bitter to taste and will not drink as much, hence, decreasing the milk production instead.  Oh, booouuurns!

Oh well, let me introduce you to my favourite beer shown on the left…

Someone Once Said…

… to me, ‘You must have a lot of time to build and maintain a blog after giving birth.’

No! Maybe I am just negligent! Yay, Mother of the Year award to me.  I kid, I kid… I will have to wait in line behind Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan’s mom to get that one…

If Only Nursing Pads are Supersized Soft Pasties…

While nursing pads that prevents milk leakage from showing on your tops are a great invention, why is the sticky patch on the other side always so small? We’re talking a centimetre by 2 centimetres. It’s already hard to stick on fabric and having the sticky patch that small is as good as not having a sticky patch.

I’m talking to you, Medalla, Lanosinh and Johnson & Johnson pads.

It’s also good for making fashion statements!

No Joke! Some say… it’s Chinese Customs!

What’s a better post on April Fools’ Day than writing about Chinese customs that my Chinese friends and I have heard!

The Chinese have a lot of customs when it comes to almost everything. These are some of the customs that I’ve heard of or have to follow. There are many variations to these customs… many of them I find are quite amusing!

During pregnancy

  • do not sit cross-legged or reach up as the umbilical cord can strangle the baby. So how does this work for mothers that practice yoga?
  • leave the room if your husband is hammering or moving the furniture or your baby will be born with dents on their face. I suggest the opposite if you want your child to have dimples!
  • do not eat lamb as it will cause the baby to have epilepsy(!!!)
  • do not consume cold drinks (this goes for everything such as after birth or when you are having your period, it seems like old chinese ppl don’t like cold drinks at all)
After Birth (usually in the first month)
  • stay at home for a month (this is reasonable as this is an important time to heal)
  • ginger vinegar makes up most of the meals
  • taking ginger baths using the ginger skin that was peeled from the ginger used to make the vinegar
  • drinking chicken-wine soup, basically cognac and silkie chicken (black chicken) – Delish!
  • remain at the dining table during dinner until you have finished your meal or you will not have bladder control when you are old (!!!)
  • do not consume cold drinks!
  • having a one month or 100 day celebration of your baby. This used to be a tradition that applies to baby boys only but nowadays, parents would celebrate regardless of gender.