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Real Estate 101 on HGTV

No way I can afford this type of house in Vancouver.

After watching the HGTV for 13 months, I have learned a lot of things that would help prepare me as a real estate agent.  Not that I would want to be one since I wouldn’t be able to sell a house even if it’s already sold!  HGTV stands for Home and Garden TV but I rarely see any shows relating to Gardening.  The closest would be the new show on the block called ‘Decked Out’.

My favourite shows include Property Virgins, House Hunters and House Hunters International.  It’s actually quite infuriating to see couples complaining about how small a 300 sqft master bedroom is in the 1,500 sqft house that’s asking for $80k. I would be living like a queen in Detroit!   House Hunters International is like a quickie trip to foreign countries.  Read the rest of this entry

A House is Not a Home Anymore in Vancouver

Patch and I were looking at some open houses recently to see what’s out there.  We are currently renting and have no intention of purchasing a house for at least a year.  That is because with today’s market (even with the drop), we are not able to afford something decent  in Vancouver. By decent, I mean anything that’s not a crack house.

As I’m sure there are many many posts regarding how insane how the Vancouver housing market has become, I will stay away from that topic since I do not know much about the market.



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