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What Did I Just Eat?

That's how they roll.

My friend picked up a glutinous rice wrap for me from Osaka/T&T supermarket and this was not what I had in mind when I broked it apart.  I was thinking of the Shanghainese rice wrap with pork floss, chinese doughnut and preserved vegetable.  I ended up with this.  Read the rest of this entry

The Answer to Living with Mister ButterFingers

Patch’s nickname is Butterfingers.  The last 2 things he broke were the chinese ceramic soup spoons.  Last time I went to restock my cutlery, I bought an extra one just in case he breaks one.  Since he broke a second one of the same collection, that means it’s time for a visit to the warehouse (see what I did there?).

I have 2 requirements when I buy porcelain ware – one is a gloss finish because scraping a metal utensil on unfinished ceramic (think Ikea) sends chills down my spine and the other one is that it can’t have a rough mole on it.  What I mean is that cheap ceremic has this unfinished spot which sticks out, you will definitely find these on cutlery in some chinese restaurants.

China Pottery Trading - 13900 Bridgeport Road, Richmond

I buy my chinese ceramics from China Pottery Trading.  It’s over the Knight bridge west of Ikea on Bridgeport.  Once you arrive and walk in the front doors, there’s no one to greet you, there’s no counter and just a couple of closed doors and a hallway.  Go through the hallway and it will lead you directly to a warehouse where you may see a couple of ppl working on packing boxes or moving pallets.    Just walk in like you know where you are going, even if you don’t.  It’s better to wander than stopping someone for directions because you will only get a weird look!  These guys are warehouse workers or accountants, not sales people. Read the rest of this entry

The Best Fishy Smelling Balls I Have Ever Tasted

I love fish balls.  Curry fish balls, vinegar fish balls, fish balls in noodle soup broth, you name it, I love it.  Part of this obsession has something to do with the flavours it’s drenched in.  Good curry makes good curry balls.  I don’t really eat plain fish balls on its own because most of the time, it’s just all right.  Until now…

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