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Twit Tweets

Many companies use Twitter to reach out to their (potential) customers with updates, news, contests and anything that could be of interest.   Some would use Twitter to address customer issues and some to retweet related news.

I like how London Drugs uses Twitter for contests, promotions and addressing customers’ concerns.  I tweeted about a poor experience at the Victoria Drive location and soon after, it was addressed on their twitter (publicly) and then I got a DM to get things sorted.  I didn’t get anything for free as some would assume (some people complain for the sake of getting free stuff or discounts but that’s not me) because I just wanted the company to be aware of such crappy service.

Rogers Wireless tries to use Twitter to address problems by even having a few designated tweeters answering tweets.  However, more than half their responses end up being “I suggest you call the rogers customer rep.”

So everyone has a different purpose with their company Twitter but it’s utterly annoying when companies use their Twitter account and rather than promoting the company, the account is used to befriend other tweeters and it becomes cliquey.  I suspect that this may be because they hired one person to take care of of the social media aspect.   I realized that some local big companies are doing this and in the end, I end up unfriending the account because it has become pointless to follow them when they go on in a banter with their internet buddies.