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Sushi Popper

Photo taken from Sushi Popper's website

I saw this on Food Network’s Unwrapped.  It’s sushi on a stick.  It seems… so… wrong… could be worse than wrapped sushi from 7-11.  I looked at their website to see how they deal with raw ingredients and apparently, there are none.  Their raw fish flavours are just flavours which makes it seem even more wrong.

Perhaps this is popular in the US where ppl in some states have never seen a japanese before… who knows?  All I know is that this won’t fly in Vancouver when you can get fresh (but not necessarily good) sushi from every other block.

This is a solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist!

Oahu’s Triple D – Gyotaku Japanese Restaurant

I believe that Vancouver (other than Japan) has some of the best sushi when it comes to quality or in value but when you’re in Hawaii, you can’t help but to eat Japanese style food because you’re surrounded by Japanese cuisine and people.

A Japanese friend that grew up in Oahu recommended this restaurant to me on my last visit and I told Patch that we have to return this time because I miss the Pokechos.

Gyotaku - I'm not so sure how they got the eyeball to look so alive...

Gyotaku means fish printing.  It’s a method for fishermen to record their catches back in the day.  The fish is covered with ink on one side and pressed onto the paper to make its marking. Large framed gyotakus covered the walls in the restaurant.  Read the rest of this entry