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Do You Believe in Lingering Butt Smells

Creekside Community Centre bathrooms

Don’t you hate it when you enter a public womens’ bathroom and you can smell that someone took a bad number 2 and you try to figure out which stall the smell is not coming from… then you walk into the stall and it smells even worse in there? Happened today at Creekside Community Centre. Ew.

Also, when you’re in line waiting for the bathroom (ie. after a movie in Cineplex or a mall) and you’re next in line, when someone comes out of a stall, do you take your time going in?  I have this fear of lingering butt smell of the person before me so I try to take my time and hope the butt smell goes away by the time I get there.   I have this image of a fat lady squatting and her butt was where my head would be breathing in her butt smell.

The Groundhog is My Neighbour

I have a neighbour.  He’s retired so he has a lot of time.  He doesn’t have hobbies like gardening or enjoy talking to my parents.  He’s East Indian and my parents are old fashion Chinese.  Both my parents and my neighbour are not racist but I guess the older generations don’t really hang out with other races for reasons like language barrier or cultural differences.  But they’re on polite terms.  The reason why I brought up our races is because we asked him once to not use his leaf blowers to blow his leaves over (especially after my dad spent hours raking our yard and keeping the grass area by the sidewalk leaf-free) and he called us racist.  Ok, whatever. Read the rest of this entry

Salesrep Dishonest Tactics

I hate going to Future Shop to shop but sometimes I have to because the man needs something essential that he can’t find at his favourite computer shop.

When I walk into Future Shop, I go my own way to browse, usually at laptops or video games.  Then a piranha comes out and questions what I’m looking for.  It’s like they rarely try to find something suitable for you but rather than find something that fits in the high end of your price range.

But what I’m about to say is even worse because it should be a crime!!!  Read the rest of this entry

Twit Tweets

Many companies use Twitter to reach out to their (potential) customers with updates, news, contests and anything that could be of interest.   Some would use Twitter to address customer issues and some to retweet related news.

I like how London Drugs uses Twitter for contests, promotions and addressing customers’ concerns.  I tweeted about a poor experience at the Victoria Drive location and soon after, it was addressed on their twitter (publicly) and then I got a DM to get things sorted.  I didn’t get anything for free as some would assume (some people complain for the sake of getting free stuff or discounts but that’s not me) because I just wanted the company to be aware of such crappy service.

Rogers Wireless tries to use Twitter to address problems by even having a few designated tweeters answering tweets.  However, more than half their responses end up being “I suggest you call the rogers customer rep.”

So everyone has a different purpose with their company Twitter but it’s utterly annoying when companies use their Twitter account and rather than promoting the company, the account is used to befriend other tweeters and it becomes cliquey.  I suspect that this may be because they hired one person to take care of of the social media aspect.   I realized that some local big companies are doing this and in the end, I end up unfriending the account because it has become pointless to follow them when they go on in a banter with their internet buddies.

Products That Are Not Helping Our Much-Saving-Needed Environment

I see more household items on commercials that got me thinking dubya-tee-eff.  While we are trying to cut down on our carbon footprint, there are companies making products for wasteful consumers.  Things that doesn’t even make sense for it to become disposable.

Save your hands from the evil pump

Lysol Healthy No-Touch hand Soap – why? because your pump harnesses a lot of germ and you don’t want to touch it right before wash your hands. Really? Is that necessary in your own home?  I’ve seen women in the bathroom that rips out 2 feet long paper towels to protect their hands while turning off the tap and getting a clean sheet of paper towel to wipe their hands.

Double your waste with disposable diapers and pads

Disposable Change Pads (made by vasious companies) – re-usable change pads come in a standard size and it’s a waterproof plastic which means if the nasty happens on the pad, you can easily rinse it off.  Disposable change pads are more harmful because they are meant to be one time use, comes in a standard size and comes with a waterproof backing which is not very likely recyclable.

Because pulling a paper towel from the roll is too much work

Home Paper Towel Dispenser – this doesn’t seem too bad at first because many of us use paper towels at home, but some brands perforate the edges a lot closer along the towels so you get smaller pieces.  The thing that gets me again, is the ‘hands free’ function.

When I lived on my own, I used to save paper towels by reusing them.  I didn’t do it for the environment though, I used to leave the damp paper towel on the counter and by the time I got to throwing it away, it was  already dry and ready to be used again only to be slightly stiffer.  So I kept doing that with paper towels that I used for drying my hands.  Even though it wasn’t a conscience decision to save the planet (it was more for saving $), I still did something, so there.   And it can’t be that gross because I still have all my fingers.

I can see some paranoid ppl using the above items just because they are afraid of germs.  Here’s a tip to those ppl – these products are quite expensive and are not environmentally friendly.  So why not adopt a mexican child and have them to pump your hand soap or get paper towels?  It’s a lot cheaper.  Here’s some ideas to develop on for Johnson & Johnson, Proctor and Gamble.  A Disposable Child Robot!

Referral Links

As more people are using group buys like Groupon, Teambuy, Social Living, etc (although I doubt these sites can hold on to their clients as I see recently, the deals are just recycling through tanning services, laser treatments, gym memberships, yoga classes – how many sessions does one really need!), I see more referral links on Facebook and by email.

If you are posting on someone’s wall or sending them an email letting them know of an awesome deal using a referral link that the site has provided, I think it’s courtesy to let your friend know that you are benefiting from their purchase.  It’s not like your friend won’t use it if you told them but if you don’t, it may seem that your interest is not theirs but your own.

Welcome to Walmart! Please Leave Your Manners and Common Senses @ the Door.

Went to Walmart by Grandview for the first time.  Walmart is a supersized trailer.  Maybe because I went on a Sunday afternoon when it’s super busy, but there’s no organization, no manners, it feels like it’s a riot.  On a few occasions, I parked my cart on the side only to have another shopper park her cart next to mine, completely blocking the traffic.

I would’ve taken photos of the people of walmart but I was afraid that I would get the beats from these classy shoppers.  I ended up staying for about an hour and didn’t have a chance to browse in the other half of the store.

Here’s a website that is dedicated to the flowers of Walmart (mostly in US)…  People of Walmart. Grandview location is like that, except with more asians and east indians acting like yellow and brown trash!

Paving a Road to Self Sensationalism

I watched my first episode of Toddlers and Tiaras couple weeks ago and thought this would be a good money-grabbing business in Vancouver.  The start-up is not hard, you rent a hotel ballroom, hire some judges (I would qualify since I’m a freelance MUA and self-proclaimed expert on everything haha) and get some nice trophies and “bookmarks” (ribbons) done.

Well, if you are one of those moms (no offence but then no love either after watching what the kids are put through), then look no further.

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