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Welcome to Walmart! Please Leave Your Manners and Common Senses @ the Door.

Went to Walmart by Grandview for the first time.  Walmart is a supersized trailer.  Maybe because I went on a Sunday afternoon when it’s super busy, but there’s no organization, no manners, it feels like it’s a riot.  On a few occasions, I parked my cart on the side only to have another shopper park her cart next to mine, completely blocking the traffic.

I would’ve taken photos of the people of walmart but I was afraid that I would get the beats from these classy shoppers.  I ended up staying for about an hour and didn’t have a chance to browse in the other half of the store.

Here’s a website that is dedicated to the flowers of Walmart (mostly in US)…  People of Walmart. Grandview location is like that, except with more asians and east indians acting like yellow and brown trash!