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Vancouver Eats – Kulinarya Filipino Eatery

Located in a strip mall with plenty of parking.

Tonight was the first time I’ve had Filipino food in a restaurant.  Which is surprising because I’m a godparent to my Filipino friend’s kid.  But I’ve had homemade food before (pig’s blood stew, yums) so I guess it never crossed my mind to have it at a restaurant.  Besides, my Filipino friends would usually suggest Chinese or Shanghainese food.

We went to Kulinarya Filipino Eatery which was minutes away from my friends’ place in Coquitlam.  It was their regular take-out restaurant. Read the rest of this entry

Salesrep Dishonest Tactics

I hate going to Future Shop to shop but sometimes I have to because the man needs something essential that he can’t find at his favourite computer shop.

When I walk into Future Shop, I go my own way to browse, usually at laptops or video games.  Then a piranha comes out and questions what I’m looking for.  It’s like they rarely try to find something suitable for you but rather than find something that fits in the high end of your price range.

But what I’m about to say is even worse because it should be a crime!!!  Read the rest of this entry

Vancouver Eats – Long’s Noodle House

My parents and I went to Long’s Noodle House to celebrate Chinese New Year.  When we go out and eat, we normally each pick a dish or two.  Patch and I usually pick the regular dishes and my mom likes to try new things.  Lots of food tonight!

Hot & Sour Soup ($6.95)

To start, we had the hot & sour soup.  Surprisingly, we’ve never had the soup here before so we ordered it tonight.  It was just okay.  It was peppery, more towards the white pepper taste and not very spicy.  I know a good hot & sour soup when I have it.  My favourite hot & sour soup is from the original Mui Loong Chun’s on Kingsway (by the now-gone Dragon’s Inn Smorgasboard and across from the now-gone Wally’s burgers) but Ningtu is not bad too. Read the rest of this entry

Vancouver Eats – Baru Latino (Kitsilano)

Baru Latino - 2535 Alma St

“For $80 for both of us, I expected us to be full…!” – Patch

I’m not a fan of the Vancouver Dine Out event but once in awhile I will go mainly because of company.  I don’t like limiting my dinner choices and if I want to save money, I browse through my Entertainment Book.  But I actually don’t save that much by dining out, maybe just the cost of dessert.

My friends wanted to try Baru Latino for Dine Out so I decided to join them.   Baru is quietly tucked away on Alma by Broadway – across from Chevron, steps from True Confections, Le Petit Spa and La Patisserie Bakery.

For this post, I won’t describe the food too much and let the photos do the talking.  That’s probably what I’ll start doing with most upcoming food posts if there’s nothing outstanding about the food (or super horrendous).  No point in posting “This lemon tart tastes… lemony.”   But if you want this long story short, I was disappointed with tonight’s meal. Read the rest of this entry

Vancouver Eats – Angkor Cambodian Restaurant

I went to Angkor Cambodian restaurant for lunch today with a friend.  There’s a big sign that says Cambodian Noodle House which I thought that was the name of the restaurant.

My friend highly recommended the Beef Stew with flat noodles.  But I wanted something soupy, and something that’s not blah, I decided to try the Lemongrass Chicken Sour Soup (it didn’t indicate hot, but the chinese translation says it’s hot and sour).  That was the soup without a photo on the menu.

Jar of chilis at every table.

I noticed that there was a jar of chilis at every table and usually I take advantage of free condiments offered like fried or fresh garlic (at ramen restaurants), but since I was recovering from the flu, I didn’t want to risk having a ring of fire that night.  Read the rest of this entry

Vancouver Eats – 6th Avenue Bread & Deli

Fantastic basic deli with fresh bread baked daily, leftovers are given to the local food bank. Bread is baked without preservatives, sugar or trans-fat.  It is *not* gluten free however.  I’ve seen posts on Urbanspoon where the poster mistakenly claims that the bread is gluten free, the owners certainly don’t make this claim. Patch was a regular at this joint and the owner confirmed that they don’t have gluten free bread.

Freshly baked bread

Read the rest of this entry

The Old Chinatown and Its Memories

Growing up in Strathcona Vancouver in the late 70s, early 80s, I spent a lot of my time in Chinatown with my family (I would love to connect with those that went to school in the Strathcona area around that time).  Nowadays, I go about once a month if need to.  I really miss the old Chinatown because of the memories.  The Chinatown before Sun Yat Sen, Chinatown mall, HSBC building was built. Read the rest of this entry

The Answer to Living with Mister ButterFingers

Patch’s nickname is Butterfingers.  The last 2 things he broke were the chinese ceramic soup spoons.  Last time I went to restock my cutlery, I bought an extra one just in case he breaks one.  Since he broke a second one of the same collection, that means it’s time for a visit to the warehouse (see what I did there?).

I have 2 requirements when I buy porcelain ware – one is a gloss finish because scraping a metal utensil on unfinished ceramic (think Ikea) sends chills down my spine and the other one is that it can’t have a rough mole on it.  What I mean is that cheap ceremic has this unfinished spot which sticks out, you will definitely find these on cutlery in some chinese restaurants.

China Pottery Trading - 13900 Bridgeport Road, Richmond

I buy my chinese ceramics from China Pottery Trading.  It’s over the Knight bridge west of Ikea on Bridgeport.  Once you arrive and walk in the front doors, there’s no one to greet you, there’s no counter and just a couple of closed doors and a hallway.  Go through the hallway and it will lead you directly to a warehouse where you may see a couple of ppl working on packing boxes or moving pallets.    Just walk in like you know where you are going, even if you don’t.  It’s better to wander than stopping someone for directions because you will only get a weird look!  These guys are warehouse workers or accountants, not sales people. Read the rest of this entry

Vancouver Eats – Memak Malaysian Cafe

Charles the owner/chef giving a speech on the live band stage of the pub. organized a lunch for 50 of his readers to try out a new Malaysian cafe.  For those who does not know what Chowtimes is, go visit this site right now… or after you read this post.  The website and the couple behind it is truly a local gem on Vancouver eats and food-blogging.

I am not familiar about authentic Malay cuisine so I can’t comment on the authenticity of the food but judging from the responses by Malaysian foodies, it seems like it’s the real deal (like a HK cafe vs Authentic Canadian Chinese cuisine).  Does that make sense?

The restaurant is located in a dive pub (Pub 340) which one would not know what type of food is being cooked in the kitchen without walking in.  The owner Charles mentioned that they are working on having a proper sign.

This review will be a bit different from the others since this is a special event that was put together by the couple behind Chowtimes, Charles and Julie (owners/chef) and a lot of hard work were put into making this event successful and fun.  I will only focus on the food and not logistic hiccups that came with serving for an unusual party of 50+.

Read the rest of this entry

Granville Island and Making Fresh Fruit Sauce

I went to Granville Island yesterday for a stroll and to pick up some fresh fruits.  The trip was fruitful (haha) and we took home some Okanagan apples and pears, Manhattan clam chowder and a tub of fresh oysters.

The apple stand in the Granville Island Market

All their apples are unwaxed.

We picked up a bag of Auroras and soft pears for a total of $5.  We are going to use these to make Apple and Pear sauce for Little Patch.

Here’s how:

1) Wash, peel and core the apples and pears.
2) Cut into small chunks and place in pan.
3) Add a bit of water and simmer for 10 minutes.
4) Let cool and serve or store.

My neighbour recommended adding a dash of cinnamon to the apples and the kids will go crazy for that stuff.

To defrost, run under warm water or place in hot water as you would to heat a milk bottle.