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Oahu’s Triple D – Mac 24/7 (Waikiki)

Located inside the Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel - 2500 Kuhio Avenue. Not quite by the beach but 2 blocks from it.

The restaurant name Mac 24/7 suggests its closing hours which are none unless it snows.  This restaurant is a block from the Aston Banyan located in the Hiltion Waikiki Beach Hotel.  Our friend mentioned that he saw an episode of Man vs. Food where the host did the Pancake challenge at the same restaurant so we decided to give it a try for dinner.  Not the challenge though! Read the rest of this entry

Oahu’s Triple D – Home(Hotel)made Meal

After a trip to the farmer’s market, we dedicated a night to make use of our hotel kitchen and make a home cooked meal (and save some $$).   Here’s something that Patch and I whipped up for our friends.

The ever popular Miso Butterfish ($15 from the market). Baked in the oven. The miso paste was thick enough that it overpowered the flavour of the butterfish.

Ribeye steaks from trusty Costco... seasoned with Dole's Original Seasoning. A little bit of salt rub goes a loooooong way. They were cooked at the hotel's BBQ grill.

Fresh abalone sauteed in locally made garlic and herb butter.

Abalone ready for picking.

Salad with fresh mango, blueberries and avocadoes mixed with Dole's Pineapple dressing. Corn grilled using the lounge's BBQ. You will need to supply your own aluminum foil unless you got our room, we left the leftovers in the kitchen. 😉

Our homemade meal with beer and bottles of plum wine!

Hotel Review – Aston at the Waikiki Banyan

This hotel is one of the many hotels in the Aston chain and also goes by Aston Banyan Waikiki. On Trip Advisor, it is rated as 3 stars.  This is the second time that I’ve stayed at the Banyan.

One thing I learned about Oahu hotels is that is doesn’t matter if it’s 4 stars or 5 stars, the hotels are out dated and old.  Turtle Bay Resort, Royal Hawaiian, Hilton, etc. are 4 stars and above and I can tell you that their standard rooms are similar to 3 stars hotels along the strip.  Only exception is the Halekulani… hope to one day be able to stay there but I was lucky (and gutsy) enough to sneak in and catch a glimpse of the hotel.

There are many reasons to why I returned to the Banyan.  They are:

  • super kid friendly – playpens, cribs are available to rent at no charge (please tip though!).  Upon arrival, kids get a sand bucket/shovel and a Kids Eat Free card at participating restaurants.
  • parking – no valet, parking is charged by the day or week with in/out priveledges.
  • kitchen – fridge, kitchen utensils, there are even BBQ grills in the lounge area to use.
  • fast elevators – I’ve heard complaints about how slow the elevators for Tower I are but I’ve stayed at the rooms in Tower II and their elevators get me to my floor quick… even when I’m on the 36th floor.
  • free internet – it’s not wi-fi, but there’s a cable included.

Booking for both trips had its own hiccups.  But it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be resolved.  Both times, I asked for King size beds and was given Queen size which I swear it’s a bit smaller by Canadian standards (closer to full/double).  Both times, we had to switch rooms to get the bed that we wanted.  The staff are friendly but they work on Hawaiian time and very chilled. Read the rest of this entry

Oahu’s Triple D – Sam’s Kitchen (Waikiki)

It’s so hard to find a Japanese restaurant in the Waikiki area that’s open at 11am for lunch on a Friday.  The ones I found had huge padlocks on it or a big handwritten sign in Japanese.  We stumbled on a stand called Sam’s Kitchen.  What attracted me to go check out the menu was the smell of fried garlic.

Sam's Kitchen - menu on the right

At first, we tried to fit 2 strollers up top which fits but we had no place to sit and eat.  It turns out that behind Sam’s Kitchen are a few more stands that sells drinks, noodles and takoyaki.  Sam told us it’s ok to eat there (for the entire time we were there, no one went to those stands anyway). Read the rest of this entry

Oahu’s Triple D – Pukadog (Waikiki Town Centre)

While strolling on Kuhio to look for my favourite yakisoba restaurant which unfortunately closed down, I encountered a couple of restaurants on the way for some lunch and saw the sign.

How appetizing... how I call it... Puke-A-Dog... hmmm yums, MUST TRY!

The line-up didn’t seem long so I started to line up with my friend.  It was a really really slow moving line.  Read the rest of this entry

Oahu’s Triple D – Iyasume Musubi Express

If you have a rental car in Oahu, it’s very likely you will be going on long rides. That day we planned to go to Ko Olina beach and it’s about an hour ride out of the city.  So we needed to pack some quick goodies.  When you have 2 babies with you, it wasn’t an option to pack a romantic picnic basket.  We found Iyasume Musubi next to the King’s Court in Waikiki.

There's no eye catching storefront sign, but you will need to keep an eye out for the menus of the restaurants located inside.

Iyasume also served bento boxes but we got only musubi.  Mainly spam musubi as Patch looooooves spam.  Spam is something that I eww at but somehow I admit I cannot just take one bite whenever I eat something with spam (ie.  instant noodles with spam in Hong Kong, spam musubis, etc).   I don’t buy cans of spam at home though.  It’s like eating a can of msg, really.

Read the rest of this entry

Oahu’s Triple D – Me’s Bar-B-Que (Waikiki)

At first, I thought the restaurant is called Sunny's. I guess Sunny is the owner of the restaurant. Check our #8 - FRIED MAN DOO!

Our hotel was located a block from Me’s Bar-B-Que and in my last few trips, we have eaten here many times, not because of its location, but because the Kal Bi is soooooo good.  This is a lot better than the short ribs at AAA Local BbqRead the rest of this entry