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Urban Source – From Trash to Treasures

Urban Source - next to the Heritage Hall and Cafe Rustico on Main Street

I walked by Urban Source many times before checking it out today.  It’s a pretty cool store especially if you are a crafter.  They’ve been around for 17 years and they sell  knick knacks collected from industries for artists and crafters looking for something unique to complete their pieces.

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The Best Fishy Smelling Balls I Have Ever Tasted

I love fish balls.  Curry fish balls, vinegar fish balls, fish balls in noodle soup broth, you name it, I love it.  Part of this obsession has something to do with the flavours it’s drenched in.  Good curry makes good curry balls.  I don’t really eat plain fish balls on its own because most of the time, it’s just all right.  Until now…

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Vancouver Food Carts are Great but It’s Not the Same as HK

Over the summer, I’ve been seeing more mobile restaurants and food carts around Vancouver as part of the city’s street food experiment.  I don’t know if this is a trend or a cost saving way to run a business.  But I don’t think it will be as big of a success as carts in Hong Kong (if you even consider it a success).  Here’s why.

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Getting Yourself Ready Before the Bump

So you find out you are pregnant and you celebrate with your families and close friends… then comes the overwhelming load of information from friends and family on what to do next.  Nursery! Last-minute vacay! Who to tell next! Baby names!

It’s natural to start thinking of your future baby but don’t forget yourself too.  Here are some things that you should take care of before you go into all-about-baby mode!


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A Confession to the Hubby…

… that there’s no such thing as a water boiler and Brita filter unicorn that refills it every night when he’s sleeping.  That was me.  Yes, that was really me.

And it’s not a union job, so that means if I forget to do it, he can go right ahead and refill it.

[update] awww, hubby read this and got upset at my joke… he does do a lot more than i give him credit for!

Clothing Review – Sookie Baby

I was invited to write a review by the Vancouver Mom network for a Canadian baby clothing company, Sookie Baby.

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Sesame Street on Crack

I can’t stop watching YO GABBA GABBA‘s videos on Youtube. It’s so fun and the tunes are so addictive. Here is one of my favourite clips, it makes me want to throw down cardboard and host a baby dance off.

Special Guest – DO IT… go go go Do It! go go go Do It! Hilarious.

I don’t know what it is about Baby Einstein clips that are award winning, but their shows put me to sleep!

Walking on Golden Feet

After 9 months of extra weight on my feet, a summer of sandals and new shoes that were too pretty to give up but a pain to wear finally made me go get a foot massage.

Patch’s been complaining about his tired feet so I’ve been searching for places that gives foot massages.  There weren’t many spas that focuses entirely on foot massages for the full hour at a reasonable price.

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Canucks Team Store Outlet Grand Opening

Today I went to the Canucks Team Store Outlet’s Grand Opening.  It opened at 11am and when I got there at 11:30am, there was already a long line up to pay.   It was a sunny day and it was busy because it’s located at one of the main entrances for PNE (corner of Hastings and Renfrew).


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Southeast False Creek Community Centre

Today I took Little Patch to visit the Southeast False Creek Community Centre (1 Athletes Way).  Since I’m part of the dragonboating community, I’m very interested in seeing our future home for the boaters and what facilities they offer.



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